John Sutter was a German-born Swiss pioneer settler and colonizer in California. The undisputed founder of California, pioneer Johann Augustus Sutter owned the land where gold was first discovered, beginning the famous California Gold Rush.. Sutter was born in Kandern, Germany, a few miles from the Swiss border, on February 15, 1803. Reconstruction began in 1891 and continues to this day. Nelson Demille had a great idea for a book, he wrote it and it was a hit. A Swiss expatriate, John Sutter (1803-80) has long been overshadowed by Sutter’s Fort—the capital of Sutter’s colony, New Helvetia, and now located in Sacramento—and Sutter’s Mill, the site on the South Fork of the American River where gold was discovered by Sutter … At this time California was a territory of Mexico. The John Sutter series did not start out as a series. The basic story is rather well known. The Life of Johann August Sutter by Douglas S. Watson. As the Sutter statue came down, Larry Rodriguez told FOX40 … John Sutter first arrived on August 13, 1839, at the divergence of the American and Sacramento Rivers with a Mexican land grant of 50,000 acres. Gold! He migrated from Switzerland to the United States in 1834 to escape his many depts. In 1839 a Swiss immigrant named John Sutter received a land grant in the Sacramento Valley from the Mexican government. Sutter’s Mill on the American River near Coloma, the early months of 1848. Sutter's Fort on the Sacramento, California. John Sutter was a pioneering businessman in Sacramento who had land holdings on the American River nearby. In 1924, in the year that John Sutter was born, Macy's department store in New York held its first "Thanksgiving parade" on November 27th at 9a - during church services but leaving plenty of time to attend the big football game between Syracuse and Columbia universities. In the history of the American frontier, John Sutter (1803–1880) looms large. John Augustus Sutter (1803 – 1880) was a Swiss-American pioneer of California known for his association with the California Gold Rush, and for establishing Sutter's Fort in the area that would eventually become Sacramento, the state's capital. The Diary of Johann August Sutter. The John Sutter statue outside of Sutter General Hospital was removed Monday afternoon as statues depicting controversial figures continue to be taken down all across the country. IN the German Grand Duchy of Baden, at Kandern, there was born on the last day of February, 1803, to a Swiss family named Suter a male child who, though baptized Johann August, became known in after life as Captain John A. Sutter. California was about to erupt with gold fever. In keeping with this historic theme, the school yearbook was traditionally entitled The Prospector, and Sutter’s “Gold Rush” emblem depicts the pick and ax, tools used by prospectors. John Henry Sutter was born on month day 1833, at birth place, to John Jacob Sutter and Barbara Sutter (born Schneider). SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A statue commemorating colonizer John Sutter was removed from midtown Sacramento Monday afternoon. History John A. Sutter Middle School opened in 1949 and is named after John Augustus Sutter, the man on whose property gold was discovered in California. Sutter never really had anything for a very long time, and when he did, it was dragged out right beneath his feet. Sutter Health removed John Sutter’s statue Monday after some groups called out his history of abusing Native Americans. The History of Sutter’s Fort. John A. Sutter was born in Baden in 1803 of Swiss parents, and was proud of his connection with the only republic of consequence in Europe. He was a warm admirer of the United States, and some of his friends had persuaded him to come across the Atlantic. In the American River!” (Altman, pg.20). In the history of the American frontier, John Sutter (1803–1880) looms large. Workers begin the removal of a statue of John Sutter, the European settler who built Sutter's Fort in the 1840s, outside Sutter hospital in midtown Sacramento on Monday, June 15, 2020. A little while later, the author decided that the story he had written in ‘Gold Coast’ deserved a sequel, thus paving the way for the John Sutter series. John Sutter was a German-born Swiss colonizer of California known for establishing Nueva Helvetia, which would later become Sacramento. John Sutter Connecting to History Project “Gold! This was the beginning of the end of John Sutter’s one and only dream. John Jr. was just seven years old when his father left, and was raised by his mother Anna. Barbara was born on April 14 1796, in Reigoldswil, BL, Switzerland. John Augustus Sutter (sometimes written as Johann August Suter) was born on February 15, 1803, in Kandern, Baden (now in Germany). The Native Sons of the Golden West purchased it in 1890 and donated it to the State. A Swiss expatriate who attempted to create a personal empire in California’s Sacramento Valley, he founded New Helvetia, a cosmopolitan settlement whose economy depended on Indian slaves and free laborers. Further Reading on John Augustus Sutter. The Diary of Johann August Sutter (1932) contains good autobiographical detail. John was born on July 11 1795, in Bretzwil, BL, Switzerland. Sutter acquired 50,000 acres from the Mexican government in hopes to Prepared in 1857 for his lawyer, this statement has heretofore been available only in a rare limited edition. The discovery of gold in 1848 on his land precipitated the California Gold Rush . 1838 - John Sutter departs for the West, visiting Alaska and Hawai'i before settling in California. Sutter's Mill was a sawmill, owned by 19th-century pioneer John Sutter, where gold was found, setting off the California Gold Rush, a major event of the history of the United States.It was located on the bank of the South Fork American River in Coloma, California and is today part of the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. An early and somewhat derogatory biography is Thomas J. Schoonover, The Life and Times of Gen. John A. Sutter (1895), while Julian Dana, Sutter of California (1936), is eulogistic. In 1947, Sutter Fort became a unit of the California State Park System. Refresh this page to see various historical events that occurred during John's lifetime . The next year, he and his party established Sutter’s Fort, a massive adobe structure with walls eighteen feet high and three feet thick. The statue of white settler and colonizer John Sutter outside the hospital that bears his name was removed Monday, as protests against police brutality have reignited calls to … Before John Sutter became a land baron, he was Johann Suter, a debt-ridden shop owner in Switzerland. Prologue: The Sutter Fort was pilfered until all that remained was the dilapidated house of John Sutter now called the Central Building. In 1839 he settled in California. He used the land to create a flourishing agricultural empire and named it New Helvetia (New Switzerland.) John D. Sutter is an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Salt Lake City. A statue of John Sutter, a colonizer of California during the Gold Rush and the founder of Sutter’s Fort, was taken down Monday at Sutter Medical Center amid complaints of … John Sutter's first autobiographical statement, a lengthy narrative of his career in California that demonstrates his own inventiveness in creating the historical myth of John Sutter. John Augustus Sutter (1803-1880) was a Californian famous for his association with the California Gold Rush and for establishing Sutter's Fort in an area that would later become the capital of California, Sacramento. When his father, John Augustus, Sr., became overwhelmed with debts, he decided to start over, leaving his wife and children and seeking his fortune in America. A Swiss expatriate who attempted to create a personal empire in California’s Sacramento Valley, he founded New Helvetia, a cosmopolitan settlement whose economy depended on Indian slaves and free laborers. Though long overdue, the now-graying “new western history” has finally caught up with the California pioneer Johann August Sutter. He went to school in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and later joined the Swiss army, eventually becoming captain of the artillery. John Augustus Sutter, Jr. was born in Switzerland to a father who had served in the Swiss military. John Sutter played an important role in the California Gold Rush.
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