Again, has anyone tested Mr. Rubenzahl’s idea to displace the space with glass marbles/stainless steel ball bearings to compinsate on the space to use 1 no2 charge vs. 2 no2 charges? iSi Gourmet Whip vs. iSi Thermo Whip If your goal is to make hot foams, soups, and sauces along with your chilled whipped cream, the Gourmet Whip we reviewed and the iSi Thermo Whip are the two cream whippers to consider. The iSi Thermo Whip and iSi Thermo XPress Whip must not be put in a bain-marie or water bath. Competition: iSi Cream Profi Whip vs. iSi Gourmet Whip. Please help! The nitrous seemed to impart a slightly sweet flavor to our whipped cream, which was a pleasant surprise. The world of whipped cream dispensers can get very confusing, with so many to choose from and so many options available, half pints, pints and quarts, what does it all mean? I bought a pint (1/2 l) unit so can’t try this but bet it would work. NOTE FOR iSi GOURMET WHIP: The whipper will become hot when used for hot prepara-tions. After experimenting with some true oddities, we’re finally finished—at least, until we run to the store for more cream. It was super light and fluffy, yet it still held its shape. Solid dispenser and very durable. Your email address will not be published. Cream whippers are designed to work specifically with N20 chargers, and N2 chargers carry approximately 3x more pressure, so it could be quite dangerous to use N2 in a whipper designed to work with N2O. Excellent. Also, does the following (found above on your page): mean that 2 cups of cream are produced by the dispenser or that the dispenser can hold 2 cups UNWHIPPED whipping cream? Then heat the iSi Gourmet Whip to 69°C in a sous vide basin or bain-marie. Has anyone tried this out and has it proved effective? The two decorator nozzles included with this whipper dispensed our whipped cream in pretty designs, much like the tips used for piping bags. ISi Model Number 490313 Colour Silver Product Dimensions 11.43 x 11.43 x 27.94 cm; 700 Grams Capacity 1 litres Material ISI - 1703 01 - Gourmet Whip 1 qt Cream Whipper … Includes a full 2 year warranty from iSi. Your arguments about the replaceable head valve makes perfect sense to me, but I’m wondering if there is a plus side to the new design. Most commercial and home use kitchens don’t use a 1 Liter or 1 Quart dispenser, because it’s too large and bulky, and a 1 US pint is manageable. Sadly, I didn’t see this information until after I already ordered. Finally played out, and I am seeking a new whipped creamer. The Easy whip replaced the ISI dessert whip for the main home use dispenser. The bubbles from the cream whipper act as the leavening for the cake, making this the perfect recipe for a last-minute dessert. Your site, however, clearly states over and over US PINT. 5) unscrew top and serve directly from cannister by pouring out. The use of cookies is necessary is order to ensure full access to 75°C/165°F without the charger holder. Having used a whip creamer to make "nitro" cold brew and having made nitro the "proper" way, there are several big differences. With the iSi Gourmet Whip and the Rapid Infusion technique, liquids can be infused with aromas. We’d recommend it to anyone who might want to do the same, as well as to folks who just want quality whipped cream. Similar to the Cream Profi, this is the iSi Gourmet Whip, designed for both hot and cold foods. When we shook the whipper a bit longer after charging, the whipped cream texture got a little denser, which was perfect when we wanted something more akin to a mousse. 75°C/165°F without the charger holder. N2O is commonly used in the preparation of food, such as whipped cream and espuma. _ ISI Gourmet Whip – Commercial. The Gourmet Whip includes a standard 2 year warranty from iSi. By their description, both seems similar when it comes to the infusion process, but when it comes to the tip/facet, only Hatfields says that it's modified to function more like a traditional tap. The Thermo Whip can handle higher temperatures and has an insulated body that keeps ingredients hot or cold longer. It also keeps ingredients hot, without the need to reheat for up to three hours. On May 14, 1964, the foundation for the brand name and logo for today’s iSi Group was laid with the listing of the iSi Metallwarenfabrik GesmbH. Stainless steel body, AND now featuring a stainless steel head and solid metal charger holder, this is simply the best model iSi produces. After making plain whipped cream, we moved on to flavors before we perused recipes online to see what else we could whip. Different then the Gourmet whip this does not come with a silicone gasket, meaning, you can not use it for hot items. I would suggest a 1 US pint (0.5 L) dispenser for home use. Comes in 1 pint and 1 quart sizes ONLY, comes will a full 2 year warranty with ISI. I’m personally leaning towards the quart one as I’d have a lot of uses for it. Specifically designed for the home user with a nice presentation in mind, this is not suitable for a commercial application. Unlike those disposable cans, this one is endlessly refillable so you use the whipper over and over, adding your own cream. I am wondering if I can refuse the package and reorder what I truly want? Comes in 1 pint and 1 Quart ONLY. While a pint-sized container doesn’t seem very big, the cream expands to make an amazing amount of foam—we estimated that it was at least four times the original volume. 0.25 L 0.5 USPT MAX. That is sad because I already ordered the Gourmet Whip after searching high and low for one that is not red. Do not store in a freezer! Cold Brew Coffee. With all of those features considered, it’s really a toss-up between the two. Not sure what isi’s plans are. I have never used a whip cream dispenser before & don’t know if I can just half those recipes in order to make them in the Pint size. I’m guessing it is the latter, but I wanted to make sure. Because of the quality, the warranty, and the fact this can be used for both cold and hot foods, we think it’s worth the cost. and the dispense nozzle is also removeable, again loseable). Can I put the iSi Whipper in a hot water bath or in a bain-marie? Bővebb információ és vásárlás a oldalról vagy iSi márkatermék oldalunkról a oldalon. Fortunately, it’s not expensive. Can you help me  decide which model order, and where to order? 9. The iSi Gourmet Whip PLUS is available in 0.5 L and 1 L sizes. I am a home chef who will be using the dispenser to experiment & prepare recipes for family & friends. We hope this outline will help you better understand which  ISI whip cream dispenser is right for you. Ismerje meg az ÚJ iSi NITRO WHIP szifont és az iSi NITRO PATRONT. The Thermo Whip keeps contents cold for up to eight hours with no refrigeration needed. Nitro Coffee Gin Tonic. A quick shake of the whipper, and it’s ready to dispense super-fluffy whipped cream. So to make whipped cream in the dispenser you would first put in 2 cups of regular whipping cream, then charge with 1 N20 charger. I’m looking into investing in a gourmet or thermo whip canister and I’m trying to decide what to get either the pint or quart whipper. 2) add juice or syrup and water to the fill line and mix contents While the price is on the higher end of cream whippers, it’s not the most expensive, with larger whippers costing more. How can starbucks POSSIBLY use the US pint charger since the US pint 473 ml and the Starbucks recipe card for making whipped cream is to use 475 ml heavy whipping cream AND 8 pumps of syrup which is another 82.8 ml totalling 557.8 ML …the only way starbucks could use a pint dispenser is if it was an imperial pint which is 568 ML, which would be perfect. 3.8 out of 5 stars 6. We offer a wide variety of products, including N2O, CO2, butane, N2, and related accessories. The iSi Nitro is not compatible with any cream chargers available on the market. After reading your informative blog – paying special attention to the valve issue – I’m left with one question. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. No, this is not possible. How do I know whether my iSi Whipper is suitable for hot preparations? A cleaning brush is included to get into the small spaces, and the end of the brush is designed so it can grab the head gasket for thorough cleaning. Never store or use the iSi Nitro Whip outside of the min. For the best value, I would suggest a 1 US pint Profi and purchase a gourmet head gasket and when you use it for hot items you can put in the silicone gasket, or just replace it with it indefinitely. I like the idea that I only havge to use 1 charge for that model. Recipes Be inspired. It was super light and fluffy, yet it still held its shape on our many desserts and drinks. If you want to use this dispenser for hot items you can purchase a silicone gasket here. Therefore, we’re confident it can handle home use with ease. While easy whipped cream is readily available in a can, it’s nothing like the real thing. We have found about 1 cup of fruit juice to 3 cups of water works and tastes great. Store the iSi Nitro Whip out of the reach of children! First serve up a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a nice bowl. The iSi Gourmet Whip can be heated/kept warm in a bain-marie at max. I ordered one off Amazon, and after the first use I returned it. We have layed out all of ISI whipped cream dispensers and the benefits over each one, some are better for commercial use, others are better for home use. But the only difference between the Gourmet and the Profi is the Gourmet has a silicone gasket, allowing you to use it for hot and cold items. EN Safety Information. A multifunctional whipper for use in professional kitchens: Perfect for preparing hot and cold Espumas, finger foods, sauces, creamy soups, as well as whipped cream and other desserts. 7. If the only difference were to be a rubber or a silicone gasket I would have certainly just got the Profi Whip with the changeable and cleanable parts. If I use the ISI Profi Whip 1L model but only making 1/2L cream in it, do I still have to use 2 chargers? Comes with a full 2 year warranty with ISI. operating temperatures. For example all Starbucks use the 1 US Pint Profi. ——— Never unscrew the head when the ... becom-ing blocked. The included straight stainless steel nozzle didn’t add any extra flourishes, which was great for savory foods. I can only find stainless models, and I’m concerned the stainless will get scratched up  and show wear, when my white one looked brand new all the time. 0.5 L 1 USPT MAX. This is without a doubt the newest and most sophisticated whip cream and hot food dispenser available. Please have the whip - per checked by the iSi service center! * Remember you make 2 to 6 times more whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser. Yes, the maximum you can put into a dispenser is 2 cups. We strongly recommend this whipped cream dispenser. The red protective silicone grip means you can always tell that the product is from iSi. While infusion can be done without the kit, the kit ensures that solids won’t clog the nozzle and that releasing the gas won’t make a mess. Use these marbles/bearings in the unit and your quart whipper is now effectively a pint! How do I reheat a cooled mixture in the iSi Thermo Whip or iSi Thermo XPress Whip? iSi Nitro Charger 8. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. It offers a quick and easy way to infuse flavors into fruits and to infuse herbs, spices, and other flavors into liquids. Either stop referring to Starbucks using YOUR pint, or get the facts straight. The demonstration videos show the cook lightly tightening the top and they seem to have no trouble. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. First, in the creamer the NO2 (instead of pure nitrogen) generally does not ruin the flavor simply because there is so little coffee in the creamer for too short a time to become carbonated. Even if it’s not a milk-based butter like whipping olive oil, almond, or coconut oil to get a whipped butter consistency? What is the estimated yield of whip cream with the ISI Cream Profi Whip? Or 1 charger is enough? Obviously I also would rather have the Proifi Whip because you can change the valve when it becomes faulty whereas with the Gourmet you have to replace the entire head.. A liquor-infused whipped cream was a great adult treat, no matter how we used it. DIY Nitro cold brew with an iSi whipper I've been a cold brew drinker for a few years now, and I was recently exposed to the nitro cold brew coffee. review process here. We loved the texture of the whipped cream this produced. and max. The fact that this can be used for hot preparations makes it quite intriguing, and we had fun making a warm hollandaise and fiddling around with foamy hot soups. Even the plastic decorator nozzles feel sturdy, and they have stainless steel thread to connect them to the whipper. I had a thought — haven’t tried this but am sure it would work. Unfortunately, it’s not included with the whipper, even though the company’s recipes feature it regularly. Do not expose to direct sunlight! Although it’s made for commercial use, it is also a very popular dispenser for home use. We were curious what the iSi Gourmet Whip could do for us, so we put the whipped cream dispenser, which froths liquids like cream using nitrous oxide, to the test. The reason why the Gourmet is sold as a dispenser for both hot or cold items is because it comes with a silicone gasket, where the profi comes with a rubber gasket. I'm looking to buy a dispenser for making nitro brew, and find it hard to decide between the iSi Nitro Whip and Hatfields NitroPress. I just ordered a iSi Gourmet Whip and I sure would love to hear some feedback about Inigo”s question above? There was a fill line on the outside of the container, but we felt more comfortable if we measured the cream to make sure or simply bought it in pints. I've tried everything to tighten the seam, including adjusting the gasket and tightening the top very hard. I wish the Profile came with SS decorative tops and a cap for where the gas goes in. NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) is toxic. 3) add CO2, shake vigorously about 20x We just got a new 1L profile and have made a few sodas in it, Sven though it doesn’t list it as being a function of it. The gourmet whipper is engineered to work together seamlessly with the iSi nitrous oxide cream whipper chargers. The gourmet whip comes with 3 nozzles, the o-ring and dispense nozzle are fixed and easier to clean. I was lamenting about whether to get the Profi or the Gourmet Whip and ultimately I want to be able to do both hot and cold items so I chose the Gourmet. Home Nitro matimney January 27, 2019 September 5, 2019. However, the Thermo Whip can’t be held in a bain-marie to keep it warm. All Easy Whips are built with molded plastic heads and a unique push button dispenser mechanism. 99. Required fields are marked *. Half pint = 1 cup of whipping cream (only need 1 N20 charger), 1 pint = 2 cups of whipping cream (only need 1 N20 charger), 1 quart = 4 cups of whipping cream (needs 2 to 3 N20 chargers). In our database, you will find a host of scrumptious recipes that you can prepare quickly and was easily with our whippers. I am trying to figure out which size dispenser to purchase. The iSi Gourmet Whipper is a stainless steel bottle and head, fitted with a stainless steel valve. This is the top-of-the-line stainless steel iSi Cream Profi Model 2416 whip cream dispenser. 3. However, I’m looking to save on the cartridges needed to fuel the whipper. Measurement is on the outside of the bottle only. Surprisingly, all the parts are dishwasher-safe, but we found that it was just as easy to wash all of it by hand. Only charge a whipper that is filled! This whipper is safe for temperatures from 34 degrees—just above freezing—all the way up to 165 degrees. Dispense whip cream, soft cheeses and buttercream frostings in seconds with this powerful tool. Make sure, the iSi Whipper has been properly cleaned before use!
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