If you will agree, the direct translation of one language to another might not carry the same essence as it is with the source language. Mother tongue education is accomplished with four basic language skills. They want to teach their children in their language and they aren’t talking about being retarded. UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since 1953 (UNESCO, 1953) and UNESCO highlights the advantages of mother tongue education right from the start: children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school (Kosonen, 2005); parents are more likely to communicate with teachers and participate in their children’s learning … But if I worship the Jewish deity in lozi or bemba I would have lost my heritage. Congrats Mr Kabimba, I hope some day you now win your first court case. It shows already a conflict within self between what we ought to be and what we think we should be. Tanzanians have adopted swahili as their medium. “Three years of mother tongue education is better than none, four years increases the opportunities, six years increases the opportunities to reach secondary school and eight years offers the best chances to reach the end of secondary school successfully.”. But why haven’t you guys used your mother tongue in your comments. “In Ethiopia we have seen that students who have the highest scores in English and maths are the ones who have had the longest number of years in mother tongue education,” she said. It is actually the language in which the child is spoken to before he or she begins to understand words. Also read: List of 371 Tribes in Nigeria and the States Where They Originated From. The Importance of the Mother Tongue in Education In the simplest way, while mother tongue is defined as the language learned first, the mother tongue based education is defined as the learning program which is delivered entirely in children’s first language (Ball, J. Before we proceed, let me give you a clearer understanding of what a mother tongue is. ..there are things which are so good an paper…I mean theoretically very good and convincing……the implementation may just prove to be difficult especially along the line of rail or urban areas….Personally as a parent I would want my child from day one to start learning and speaking English all the way up to university….along the way especially when he or she is still a toddler…as parents we will speak to him/her in our mother tongue as well….30% local language 70%English…(infact in some homes its worse…5% local…95% English)…..and believe it or not that’s what you will find or witness in most of the homes…that’s a reality and that’s a fact…. Culture is beyond language. The International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is observed every 3rd December of each year, to promote the full and... UNESCO Research Shows the importance of Mother Tongue Education, Two South Korean companies show interest in investing in Zambia, Alex Muliokela offers solution to low water level in Kariba Dam, Grabbing Voters’ Cards from Eligible Voters is Undemocratic and a Criminal , UPND tells off PF, Religious Minister condemns the habit of posting semi nude photos on social media by Zambians, It’s in PF Government ‘s best interest to fully Fund Electoral Commission of Zambia, Government to attach ZAF pilots and aircraft technicians to Zambia Airways once launched, More African countries are relying on an Israeli surveillance tool to snoop on private citizens, PF’s Popularity Claim in Ndola by Clear point Consulting Ltd is a misconception, UPND will Eliminate Bottlenecks and Vulnerabilities that inhibit Disabled People from Realising their Potential. Multilingual education based on the mother tongue (s) in the early years of schooling plays a key role in fostering respect for diversity and a sense of interconnectedness between countries and populations, which are core values at the heart of global citizenship. Its my “mother tongue” as its the only language I have predominantly used for close to half a century. The language facilitates a comprehension of the surrounding, learning of concepts and attaining of various skills. Love him or hate him, I think Wynter kabimba has been vindicated here. Because they do not expect to have help or support from their governments, they take matters into their own hands and make their own learning and teaching resources.
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