Apply a thin layer of axle grease to the new skewer rod. After the axle has been tightened, the lever remains fixed to the thru-axle. Any standard 6 … In some pics I found you could actually move the lever to front. I have a few questions: From some quick reading about removing/installing thru axle wheels, literally all the guides I see are describing quick release variants of the thru axle. (You need to do step 2 and 3 at the same time). Some thru axles have a cam-looking lever and some are lower profile and bolt-on. I'd put the hammer down too, you might brake the axle or fork. Add to wishlist Remove from wishlist ... the Canyon Lever Plug-in for Road Thru-Axle is a spare lever for the Canyon DT Swiss Road Thru-Axle, which allows for quick and simple wheel positioning and alignment. In the manual, it says to pick the “front thru axle” from bike box part, which was nonexistent (bike box part was there, but no lever … The lever may be rotated to your desired position. DT Swiss RWS Plug In front road 12 x 100mm thru axle without lever New (4) from $31.89 + FREE Shipping. The axle itself is then secured by a “thru axle” and then you crank down on the ends to make it tight. These are what goes through the center of your wheel—called the hub—and keep the wheels in the frame. For rear wheels, pull back on the rear derailleur to allow the cogs to clear the chain. If you prefer the clean look of an leverless axle, just remove the lever unit and carry it in your backpack. In this position, the washer behind the lever prevents the lever … If the lever is tight, you can use a tire lever to pry it open. Lower the wheel, guiding the wheel down through the brake pads and forward to clear the chain and derailleur. For a quick-release, simply flip the lever open, loosen it a little, and pop the wheel out. When reinstalling your wheel, pay careful attention to slotting your brake rotor between the pads in the caliper. The Plug In version offers all advantages of a tool-free thru axle mounting. Pull the quick-release handle away from the axle to remove the old skewer rod from the axle. When I went to remove it the lever basically acted like a can opener and stripped the cup. If the lever closes too easily and is touching the frame, it's probably not tight enough. I have seen this type of axle back its self out of a rear drop out. If the axle doesn't slide in smoothly on the first try, remove it and check the wheel's alignment before trying again. Get the most from your Bontrager Switch Lever thru axle system. Any standard 6 mm hex tool can be used. I was advised that the lever should be able to be closed pretty easily, rather than the axle cranked up and the lever need a bit of force to push down (like an old school QR). has been abused and is pretty beat up. It appears to be a non-quick release axle - no lever of any kind, so I need an allen key to remove it. It’s basically a long bolt that can be adjusted with a hex wrench. Thread the acorn nut back on the skewer rod and set the old skewer aside. The last time I tried to remove the front wheel to fix a flat, I had trouble with the lever on the thru axle. DT Swiss Plug In RWS E-Thru Road - 12x100mm - Thru Axle without Lever Thru axle out of the patented wheel mounting system. Note that the axle usually has threading on one side and is fit through the dropout and through the hub. The complexity is figure out exactly which RWS model of thru axle you need. Without meaning to patronise, have you followed the instructions for removal? Flip the lever down. We tightened it back up, very tight and a … I fiddled with the mechanism to try to get it to engage properly, but nothing seemed to work. Now reinstall the axle. However, thru axles are different than a skewer because rather than using a camming mechanism to hold the wheel on, a thru axle threads directly into your bike frame. For thru axles, open the lever into the open position and turn the lever counter-clockwise to unthread the axle and remove it from the hub. The only type of thru-axle that can easily be checked for torque are ones that have some kind of allen fitting, such as copies of the Maxle Stealth design or ones like the DT RWS Plug In axles that have lever that pops in and out of an allen fitting. It's made from lightweight aluminum to keep weight down and durability high, and it features threads inside of the axle to install the lower mounting bolts. Removing a thru-axle: Open the lever and line it up in the cutout notch (if available). High rigidity is secured while keeping the optimum weight balance. Buy the selected items together. The lever would just spin, and no force was being applied to the axle itself. Frequently bought together + Total price: $78.46. Unscrew the acorn nut from the new skewer. The patented RWS wheel mounting system from DT Swiss is stiff, safe and user friendly. It combines the fast mounting of a conventional quick release with the force and safety of a fitting. As I went to take the Thru axle off to remove the wheel to release the front brake I noticed the metal "Slot" that the lever sits in to tighten and loosen (does that make sense?) Press the opposite end of the axle to the lever in. You may have difficulty getting the locknut off without the locknut on the opposite side turning.
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