Shark tagging at Guadalupe Island has shown symbiotic relationships with seals in the region and long distance migrations by some of our larger females as far away as the Oregon coast! Spend three adrenaline-filled days cage diving in multiple shark cages. Safety and shark diving value is a primary concern for us and we have the best safety record in the shark diving fleet. Shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island, it really is as thrilling as it looks! There’s no place like Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. 1 contribution. Great White Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island Guadalupe Island great white shark diving is a liveaboard charter for Isla Guadalupe in Mexico. She’ll be on America’s Shark Boat as our special guest to answer all your questions about great whites on Aug 8-13 and Aug 13-18 2021! Adios Isla Guadalupe! Over the many years we have been cage diving at Guadalupe Island we have remained the value shark boat. A Guadalupe Island liveaboard is the only way you can get to dive this region of Mexico. Super green waters of South Africa offer the original shark-diving destination, entering the cage and watching from the boat in False Bay  Seal Island happens after a short 25-minute boat ride from the mainland and less than an hour from Cape Town. By now you are a newly minted Horizon Charters Shark Diver, congratulations we knew you could do it! Trips can also be booked aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie, Nautilus Under Sea and Solmar V. Call us at 800-644-7382 and we’ll help you to choose the right boat for you. We have been cage diving and naming many of the white sharks you’ll be diving with this year., Shark Doc Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving Expeditions, Channel Islands Liveaboard Scuba Diving & Lobster Opener, Guadalupe Island White Shark Production Services, Marine CSI white shark photo identification book, 5 day Guadalupe Island shark diving charters, Chef prepared meals, beer and wine included. There are only a few spots of earth where great whites can be seen in such numbers and in such intimacy. At Guadalupe Island, great white sharks approach the cages and divers VERY closely making this the most thrilling white shark encounter in the world. Welcome to the “Island of the Great White Sharks,” Guadalupe Island! Travel to the crystal clear waters of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, aboard a luxury liveaboard custom-built for smooth sailing in rough waters. Welcome aboard America’s Shark Boat! Unlimited shark cage diving dive time at Guadalupe Island. Our shark dive dates were August 8, 2017 through August 13, 2017, destination Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. Congratulations! We know you have a choice of liveaboard shark diving vessels for Guadalupe Island this year. Cage sightings are guaranteed. The shark cages are deployed by 7:00 am each morning with white shark encounters to follow for the entire day. Seal Island, South Africa $750 Per Diver (Half Day) We have several dates to choose from for the best year-round shark sightings at our prime dive locations. Cost: Varies, according to vessel selected and accommodation category, but typically starts at $3354.75 per person, including tax.The price includes cage diving, on-board … Additionally, we have been involved from the early inception of the Marine CSI white shark photo identification book and SPOT tagging efforts. Guadalupe island has become the world´s best location for diving with great white sharks. There are an estimated 170-180 individual sharks that visit Guadalupe Island annually. On your next cage diving adventure with us you’ll meet these research teams and get to know the secret lives of sharks at Guadalupe Island. Before you consider this destination check these trip reports. It slowly bled to death. Shark research is ongoing at Guadalupe Island, and this year we’ll be hosting Shark Weeks Dr. Craig O’Connell. That’s a lot of shark divers, and lot of cage diving time, and it all breaks down to 5500 new sharky friends who we would like to say “thank you” to. Make this the year you do something incredible on your next shark vacation. This is your last chance to say goodby to our great white shark friends, and for your last cage diving moments at the island. You don’t need ‘mints on your pillow’ to cage dive with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island. Showcasing the amazing films and screenplays of emerging filmmakers and screenwriters, the Beverly Hills Film Festival is one of the most influential film festivals globally. It's an incredible adventure open to bo… And possibly nowhere in the world that has these shark encounters, has such great visibility of 100 to 150ft (30-45m) as Guadalupe Island. Alison graduated from UK’S Bangor University in 2006 with a BSc hons degree in Marine biology and works at Marine Dynamics is South Africa. In 2019, off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, a white shark rammed into a cage of tourists and became stuck. If you’re lucky enough to get in the water with the ocean’s top predator you’ll discover the true adrenaline floodgates. Incredible Adventures offers great white shark diving at Isla Guadalupe from four different luxury dive vessels. There is only one reason to dive at Guadalupe Island. From the safety of a cage you can enjoy some of the world's best encounters with these awesome apex predators. Guests on this particular trip are not required to have any scuba diving experience or certifications if they limit their diving to the two … From the incredible 19+ foot Deep Blue, most likely the largest great white shark in the Pacific, to many of our regular white sharks like Scarboard, Lucy, and Mau. How much does it cost to dive with sharks? Discover the best shark cage diving on the planet at Guadalupe Island with us today….for less! Offering shark cage diving for less, and the place shark divers call home with a return rate that is the envy of the fleet. White Sharks Guadalupe Island Team up with MCSI to support white shark research and conservation efforts: Donate to MCSI in support of Northeastern Pacific white shark research and conservation efforts and receive the most recent edition of the Guadalupe Island, Mexico white shark photo-ID book. No diving certifications required! Shark diving for everyone is our commitment to showcase the incredible world of white sharks with a combination of 20 years of cage diving experience, a cage system designed exclusively for non divers, top notch shark staff and cage diving crews with years of hands on shark … Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful clear blue water with 125 – 150 foot visibility. Viewing Season: Prime shark-viewing season at Isla Guadalupe is from July through early November.. Guadalupe Island; a tiny island off the west coast of Mexico which is still part of the Baja California state. America's Shark Boat delivers more sharks, more interaction, and unforgettable up close encounters with great white sharks! Your adventure begins in San Diego, where you will be met late afternoon and transferred to Ensenada to board your liveaboard.Each … We make it easy. It’s our way of saying thanks for diving with us and our way of saying, we’ll see you again! There’s something wrong with paying close to $1000 (with travel) to NOT see a great white sharks. This research went viral and was featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week as part of the Air Jaws series. Our helpful crew members will show you to your vessel accommodations in San Diego and get you settled into your cage diving home away from home for the next few days. It is ideal for Shark diving|Great white sharks|Cage diving|Liveaboard diving|. Guadalupe Island, or Isla Guadalupe, is a volcanic island located off the west coast of Baja Califonia in Mexico, known to scuba divers to offer as the best destination for cage diving with great white sharks. The year you get to experience cage diving with great white sharks at the most amazing shark location in the world. We’ll price price match and beat ANY comparable vessel offer you see online. Today we will be travelling and relaxing at sea. Divers rendezvous at the Best Western Western Plus Island Palms Hotel in San Diego in a large conference room. Great white sharks patrol the waters here from August through December each year. Today is a day of travel and relaxation while the crew prepares for the next few days of shark diving. For a while the cage diving … When dead white sharks started washing up on beaches in South Africa, shark researcher and Shark Week star, Alison Towner was on the case. The BHFF is one of the only authentic platforms that establishes a solid career in the entertainment industry for filmmakers and screenwriters. You may take a break at lunch, depending on the morning's viewing activity, and we will stop sharking at last light from the mountains each … It's important to realize that there are no other dive … You know him from Jungle Sharks, Sharks Among Us, Shark Island, Ninja Sharks and Great White Invasion to name a few fintastic shark programs. Since 2000 we have watched the liveaboard shark fleet grow, and grow, and grow. The experience of diving with them is aided by crystal-clear water. America’s Shark Boat boards shark divers and departs from San Diego, Ca direct,  minutes from the San Diego Airport. Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe Island should appear over the horizon in the early evening, ensuring our guests have a calm night in the protected anchorage to relax before shark cage diving action starts. Isla Guadalupe is considered one of the best places on the whole planet to view great white sharks. Be sure to have your cameras ready as we pass the famous Shark Fin Rock on the way back. You may take a break at lunch, depending on the mornings viewing activity, and we will stop sharking at last light from the mountains each day when the sharks start their nightly seal hunt at depth. The shark exits the dive cage off Guadalupe Island. Buyer beware. Guadalupe Island, Mexico Great White Shark Dive bullpenstudio 2019-05-02T12:29:32-04:00 Beyond the horizon of Western Mexico lies the legendary island of Guadalupe. It is for this reason we find it invaluable to introduce our guests to each destination’s best kept secrets, entertainment, food, and most importantly, the … Face off with great white sharks this year on America’s Shark Boat, the MV Horizon, see the same white sharks as everyone else and save money. Shark diving incident to be investigated Probe will examine placing of the shark … Open ocean currents wash Guadalupe with crystal clear water often exceeding 100 feet of visibility. Australian Rodney Fox is credited with pioneering great white cage diving some four decades ago. You could spend a lot more money cage diving with great white sharks this year…but why would you? We’ll be waiting for you. Cage sightings are guaranteed. We’ll also be hosting Shark Weeks marine CSI expert Alison Towner. Ship orientation and departure tonight. Guadalupe Island and great white sharks here we come! Plus, dinner is calling in the galley. In 2003 we initiated the CICIMAR/U.C Davis white shark tagging and research program at Guadalupe Island with a young graduate student Mauricio Hoyos. On Day 4 we depart Guadalupe Island shortly after lunch for San Diego. Many of the Guadalupe Island white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) named in the book were named by our divers and crews since 2003. The unique volcanic island of Guadalupe and its dive sites normally have 30 metres visibility, often multiple sharks per dive and pristine conditions; it is nothing short of great white shark heaven!. The island is approximately 20 miles long and varies in width from 4-6 miles. Let’s dive! Dive with us and discover hands on shark research and shark conservation at Guadalupe Island. We’re excited to announce several shark diving research cage diving expeditions in 2021. Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico and it has become the world’s best location for diving with great white sharks. Great White Shark Diving in Guadalupe Island lies 160 miles off the Baja California coast and 220 miles south of San Diego. This is your chance to get your sea legs and get prepared for tomorrow and your first cage dives with the white sharks of Guadalupe! We have identified 322 unique great white sharks in the bay where we stage our submersible cage diving operations which guarantees unforgettable encounters. Farewell shark divers, it was exciting while it lasted, stay with us on Facebook where we’ll keep you up to date with the island and your new sharky friends. But how much does it cost to cage dive with white sharks? Enjoy an epic dinner tonight, as we always celebrate our Guadalupe shark divers on Day 3! Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful clear blue water with 100 - 150 foot visibility. Dive with us and discover hands on shark research and shark conservation at Guadalupe Island. You'll also see other marine life like sailfish, manta rays, jewfish & more on this incredible adventure. Almost all Guadalupe Island Shark diving boats bus their shark divers into Mexico from San Diego. We don’t. Busing into Mexico can be long and arduous, and it adds hours to your journey. Shark cage diving costs range from place to place, and are dependant on how many days you’ll be at sea. Alison and her team conducted necropsies on the five white shark carcasses and tracked the infamous pair of killer whales ‘Port and Starboard’ who were responsible for the predations in Gansbaai between 2017-2019. Today, almost 20 years later, Dr Maurico Hoyos leads International teams of shark researchers to this unique destination to tag and study the lives of great white sharks in the Pacific. Shark diver. Oh, and one last thing, when you go to sleep tonight know that just a few feet away from your bunk, white sharks are prowling below you, sleep tight! An orientation will be held in the morning, Shark 101 will be in the afternoon. Help support sharks by supporting commercial shark diving operations that are making a real difference. For shark divers traveling from outside the USA you’ll have to pass through two different passport controls four different times if you chose a vessel that takes shark divers into Mexico by bus. Our shark crew have been involved in many of these Guadalupe Island white shark projects including the groundbreaking REMUS Woods Hole Oceanographic autonomous drone study that showed, for the first time, actual deep water predation by great white sharks. 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