AE114: Statistical Data with Software Application Instructor: Erwin Labayog Medina 3 rd Trimester 2019-2020 UC- College of Accountancy Graphical Presentation of FDT 1. A majorconceptual breakthroughin graphical presentation came in 1786 with the publicationof Playfair's PoliticalAtlas in which spatialdimensions were used to represent nonspatial, quantitative, idiographic, empirical data. To make sense out of these data, A. s social researchers, we often have to deal with very large amounts of data. The appropriate form of graph depends on the nature of the variables being displayed and what aspects are to be shown. Objectives of Tabulation: a] Helps in understanding and interpreting the data easily. Search form. Textual/Descriptive Presentation 2. Graphical Representation of Data PPT (Power Point Presentation) Graphical Representation of Data PPT (Line Diagram, Bar Diagram, Histogram, Frequency Curve, Ogive and Pie Chart) It is also called statistical data or simply statistics. 1. Data Visualization or Graphical Data Presentation Jerzy Stefanowski Instytut Informatyki Data mining for SE -- 2013. (vii) Source It is a brief statement or phrase indicating the source of data presented in the table. Opener. Like diagrammatic presentation, graphical A graph is a visual form of presentation also gives a visual effect. one-dimensional diagram ii. Often tables are used because they are easy to create Data is a plural term. Diagrams can present the data in an attractive style but still there is a method more reliable than this. 1. Introduction. Menu. However it … Book. Diagrammatic Presentation 4. Show page numbers . Graphical data presentation. Although advice on how and when to draw graphs is available, we have no theory of statistical graphics, nor, as Kruskal (1977) has noted, Graphical Methods in Statistics do we have a systematic body of experimental results to use as a guide. They are: Suitable Title: Make sure that the appropriate title is given to the graph which indicates the subject of the presentation. Lack of Secrecy: Graphical representation makes the full presentation of information that may hamper the objective to keep something secret.. 5. General Rules for Graphical Representation of Data. For example, if you measure the period of a simple pendulum over a long period of time, you will not observe a perfect fit to 6 L2 è ¥/ C. For small oscillations over a short •To provide examples of different 2 pp data presentation formats • To provide sufficient information allowing students to select the presentation format most applicable to their own data What are the purposes of presenting data? The hands-on approach will benefit students and ensure the accessibility of this book for readers with a basic understanding of R. Tabulation – Orderly arrangement of data in rows and columns. The purpose of this study was to identify factors contributing to Presentation of data refers to an exhibition or putting up data in an attractive and useful manner such that it can be easily interpreted. View TABULAR-AND GRAPHICAL pRESENTATION-2018.pdf from COLLEGE OF 100 at University of the Philippines Diliman. If more than one source is there, all the sources are to be written in the source. PRESENTATION OF DATA 2. First, it is a visual way to look at the data and see what happened and make interpretations. icon-arrow-top icon-arrow-top. When data are more quantitative, such as- "7 out of 10 cells were dead", a table is the preferred form. Some illustrations provided are real-world examples. 1.1 Purpose and Intent of Graphs. Real Data Real life data sets often display several types of behavior that may make your data not look “perfect”. Chapter 1 | Introduction: Graphical Presentation of Data Previous Next. ... Download PDF . 2. The techniques of presentation in tabular and graphical forms are introduced. Show page numbers . Forms of Presentation of data: 1. Graphic Presentation of Data. PRESENTATION OF DATA 45 of rounding should be indicated (See Table 4.5). Graphical Presentation of Data 4.1Introduction Graphical displays of data can be very useful for showing the main features of a data set. ture of concrete sets of data--dataabout phenomena that are important to understand in their own right. Appendix 1: Graphical Presentation of Data Appendix 1.1 – Summary of Operational Plan Results *The average percentage of fully achieved targets of all sub goals Goal No. A graph (sometimes called a chart) provides a quick visual sense of the main features of a distribution. Show page numbers . 1. Abstract. Tabular Presentation 3. One line consists of data, the other theory, but it is hard to follow either one (impossible with a monochrome version). presentation of statistical data. MODULE - 6 Collection and Presentation of Data Notes Presentation and Analysis of Data in Economics 30 making. 4. Search form. Presentation of data 1. This literature review study analyzed 16 sources published between 1990 and 2005, addressing the three most frequently used quantitative business data presentation types: tables, graphs, and charts (Tufte, 2001) and graphics design. ... data presentation • Used to compare two variables – X-axis is often the control variable – Y-axis is the response variable • Good at: – Showing specific values Graphical presentation of quantitative data greatly improves information perception, absorption, and retention. classified according to categories and Even a common man can understand geographical aspects. A graph Diagrammatic presentation is used to present data is more attractive than a table of figure. Introduction: Graphical Presentation of Data. A graph refers to the plotting of different valves of the variables on a graph paper which gives the movement or a change in the variable over a period of time. Examples of Graphic Presentation of Performance Results: Tables, Bar Graphs, and Run Charts (Line Graphs) over Time . From the meaning we can give some features of the term statistics or data below with example. Graphical representation – Histogram – Frequency polygon and Frequency curve Graphs Graphs are charts consisting of points, lines and curves. TABULAR AND GRAPHICAL DATA JANE … This works best for simple observations, such as: "When viewed by light microscopy, all of the cells appeared dead." two-dimensional diagramiii. Reading lots of numbers in the text puts people to sleep and does little to convey Comparison of data and theory for counting experiment. The graphical description of data The most striking method of summarizing a distribution is often a graph. Graphical Presentation of Data | Encyclopedia of Epidemiology Search form. Ack. • Only make claims that your data can support • The best way to present your findings depends on the audience, the purpose, and the data gathering and analysis undertaken • Graphical representations (as discussed above) may be appropriate for presentation • Other techniques are: … distorted data presentation, cumbersome charts, and perplexing pictures. Frequency Histogram • A graph in which the classes or the lower class boundaries are marked on the horizontal axis and the class frequencies on the vertical axis. Graphs are used to showcase relationships between different variables in a pictorial form. Connecting the data dots is also incorrect because it implies that there are more data than actually present. Presentation of Data class 11 Notes Economics. Charts are drawn on graph sheets. (a) Ungrouped data (b) Grouped data (c) Discrete frequency distribution (d) Arrayed data MCQ No 2.20 The grouped data are called: (a) Primary data (b) Secondary data (c) Raw data (d) Difficult to tell MCQ No 2.21 A series of data with exclusive classes along with the corresponding frequencies is called: Article shared by. Errors and Mistakes: Since graphical representations are complex, there is- each and every chance of errors and mistakes.This causes problems for a better understanding of general people. Graphic presentations of performance should help viewers easily and quickly understand the key information: variables, sample sizes, and results. The most common way of presentation of data is in the form of statements. Graphical presentations cover bar 3. Goals 1 We will provide excellent governance and administration with transparency and adherence to ethical principles Sections . Analysis and presentation of data 4.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the data analysis and findings from 107 questionnaires completed by adolescent mothers who visited one of the two participating well-baby clinics in the Piet Retief (Mkhondo) area during 2004. c] It saves space and time. Download PDF . The three main forms of presentation of data are: Textual presentation; Data tables; Diagrammatic presentation; Here we will be studying only the textual and tabular presentation, i.e. The presentation of data means exhibition of data in such a clear and attractive manner that these can be easily understood and analysed. We have seen considerable in- Readers will be equipped to run analyses and make graphical presentations based on the sample dataset and their own data. Data Presentation Aims and objectives • To review good practice in data presentation. He drew many beautiful graphs in the 1760s and 1770s and used them not only to present data but also to average random errors by drawing the best curve through experimental data points. ... nefficient data presentation by a multicolour pie chart (A). Graphic Presentation of Data. Presentation of Data in Statistics Definition Notes PDF Important terms and concepts. This chapter will begin with univariate graphs, which are used to … PRESENTATION OF DATA This refers to the organization of data into tables, graphs or charts, so that logical and statistical conclusions can be derived from the collected measurements. Data are collected often in raw form. Sections . For example, in a typi-cal survey, by the completion of your data collection phase you will have accumulated thousands of individual responses represented by a jumble of numbers. Not Found. There are certain rules to effectively present the information in the graphical representation. PRESENTATION OF DATA 1.1 INTRODUCTION Once data has been collected, it has to be classified and organised in such a way that it becomes easily readable and interpretable, that is, converted to information. Data Presentation The purpose of putting results of experiments into graphs, charts and tables is two-fold. In: Building SPSS Graphs to Understand Data . July 2008; Injury 39(6) ... Download full-text PDF Read full-text. The principal purpose of a graph is to answer questions about data. Johann Heinrich Lambert was the only scientist in the eighteenth century to use graphs extensively. To get the message across: Suitable scales are to be chosen for both x and y axes, so that the entire data can be presented in the graph sheet. Data may be presented in(3 Methods): - Textual - Tabular or - Graphical… Download full-text PDF. A better presentation would look like figure 7. Before the calculation of descriptive statistics, it is sometimes a good idea to present data as tables, charts, diagrams or graphs. These are then not useable unless summarized. Download NCERT Solution Class 11 Statistics Presentation of Data free pdf, NCERT Solutions updated as per latest NCERT book, NCERT Solution for Class 11 Statistics for chapter 4 Presentation of DataAnswer the following questions, 1 to 4, choosing the correct answer.Question 1. Source is generally written Different types of graphs including bar diagram, histogram, line diagram, cumulative frequency curve, pie diagram and ogive have been discussed with illustrations in the chapters. Graphical Presentation. Tables Second, it is usually the best way to show the data to others. The singular of data is datum. Download PDF . diagram with no dimension Page; Site; Advanced 7 of 230. b] It helps in comparing data. Measurement Unit: Mention the measurement unit in the graph. Bar diagram is ai.
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