Impressive kill by the leopard. Gestation is for 8.5-9 months and females give birth to a single calf, which they keep hidden in vegetation until it is two weeks old. Office: 011 27 82 207 7576. Despite this, it has enough endurance to trot for an indefinite period and is able to jump from a standstill over an 8-foot fence. Eland, (genus Taurotragus), either of two very large, oxlike African antelopes of the spiral-horned antelope tribe (Tragelaphini, family Bovidae), which also includes the bushbuck and the kudus. Bone: 20-25kg Carcass Weight: 35-38kg Usable Meat: 22-25kg, Live Weight: 800kg Common elands are very bulky, solidly built creatures, with small, twisted … The Common eland, along with the Giant eland, is one of the biggest antelopes in existence. Common elands inhabit southern Africa and the foothills in the great southern African plateau, as well as Ethiopia and most of the arid zones in South Sudan, as well as western Angola, Namibia and South Africa. A cow from a feedlot might slaughter out at a carcass weight of 230kg, where the largest Eland bull the abovementioned exporter ever processed, slaughtered out at a weight of 556kg! The giant, or Derby, eland (Taurotragus derbianus) inhabits woodlands filled with the broad-leaved doka Bone: 25-30kg Carcass Weight: 68-75kg Usable Meat: 270-280kg, Live Weight: 460kg Male territories are mostly in wooded areas. Usable Meat: 30kg, Live Weight: 55-65kg Usable Meat: 120kg, Animal Weight 100%  (100kg) Bone: 135-200kg This sound carries a long way and is a good sign of an approaching herd. It is often a good idea to make the decision to first take what comes in and then to wait for the “first choice”, especially if your time is limited. Description: Large antelope with a shoulderheight of up to 165 cm and a weight of 500 - 900 kg (the weight varies … Carcass Weight: 400-420kg The external offal. East African Eland: Tanzania og Uganda. An eland hunt in South Afric a with African Sky Hunting. If a predator is seen, the bull of a group will bark and start walking back and forth to warn other elands of danger. Bone: 50-55kg Well adapted for dry hot climate. The Common eland, along with the Giant eland, is one of the biggest antelopes in existence. Carcass Weight: 150-160kg The dressed weight of African game animals is found to be 50 to 63% of the live weight as compared with 44 to 50% in domestic stock (Talbot et. Botswana Bound. Carcass Weight: 225-245kg Females are about half the male’s weight. Carcass Weight: 23kg Usable Meat: 70-80kg, Live Weight: 300-330kg percentage of the carcass weight. At the shoulder they stand 125-153cm (49-60in) tall. Habits: Live in groups of up to 1000. When walking, the tendons or joints of the eland's foreleg make a sharp click, the cause for which has not been fully investigated. Offal items contributed 42 - 46% of the live weight of the … Carcass Weight: 150-165kg Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub, 2. Bone: 90-120kg Both also weigh in at a maximum of 2,200 lbs. Carcass Grading, Weighing, and Stamping. LENGTH. That way you have meat in the freezer. Usable Meat: 90-100kg, Live Weight: 170-180kg This is according to Nico van der Walt, Park Manager at Karoo National Park who said the search party consisting of 14 Rangers and about six volunteers from neighbouring farms breathed a sigh of … Usable Meat: 100kg, Live Weight: 200kg Bone: 70-90kg Bone: 90-100kg Usable Meat: 50-60kg, Live Weight: 115-130kg Needing less water than dairy cows, their milk is richer in milkfat, does not have to be refrigerated and will last for as long as eight months if properly prepared, rather than a few days. included the head, feet and skin. Males have a tuft of black hair growing out of their prominent dewlap, the fold of loose skin hanging from their neck. After processing, your table-ready meat will weigh less than the carcass … Reproductive maturity is reached by females when they are one to three years old and by males when they are the age of four to five years. Usable Meat: 120-130kg, Live Weight: 300-310kg Usable Meat: 80-85kg, Live Weight: 1200kg Bone: 7kg Male gemsbok did not differ significantly from females in the weight of the heart, kidney, spleen, feet or hide. Crossing any British breed with a Chianina emphasises hybrid vigour, especially in terms of growth. Bone: 8-10kg Usable Meat: 280-300kg, Live Weight: 700kg 1975) Table 2-9 - Composition of offals (per 100 g raw) Table 2-10A - PROPORTIONAL VALUE DERIVED FROM CARCASS MEAT AND DIFFERENT BY-PRODUCTS FROM CATTLE, HOGS AND LAMBS One tip is to not overthink it. Bone: 20-25kg Animal Weight 100% (100kg) minus 10% for loss (10kg) Adjusted weight minus 43% for innards, skin and offal (38.7kg) = Carcass (51.3kg) Carcass Weight: 600-800kg Main Characteristics The Giant Eland is the largest species of antelope in the world. Bone: 75-85kg Usable Meat: 300-320kg, Live Weight: 750kg Common elands are herbivorous and they eat grasses, herbs, bushes, tree leaves, and succulent fruits. Mainly browsers but do occasionally graze, they love wild fruit. The average weight of a Common Eland Bull is 1,100 pounds, with a weight range up to 1,500 pounds. Despite its birth weight of about 50kg, the small head and slender shoulders of the Chianina calf makes for easy calving. This animal is adapted to conserve all its precious water by allowing its body temperature on hot days to rise up to 7° Celsius (13.5° Fahrenheit), thus reducing its need to sweat. Eland males are much larger than females, weighing 400-1000 kg compared to 300-600 kg for females. Bone: 25-30kg After this they go off to join a female or male herd. Bone: 6-7kg South Africa: Drom: 011 27 72 118 4800 Sune: 011 27 79 873 5154. dressed weight. In Australia, producer payments for pork carcasses are based on hot carcass weight … Usable Meat: 80kg, Live Weight: 55-60kg Wednesday, August 29, 2012. 300-942 kg. Ground beef could easily make up around 50% of that weight. For example, if your pig carcass weighs 83kg, you can expect around 50-63 kg of trimmed eating meat after butchering – 60-75% of of the dressed weight. = Carcass (51.3kg), Carcass weight minus 22% for bone (11.3kg) Carcass Weight: 115-125kg Common elands are the slowest antelopes in the world. When you have not yet hunted, or are a new hunter, judging size and yield from an animal is a difficult prospect, especially on a budget. Carcass Weight: 30-35kg Most of the time calves are concealed or moving around along with their mothers. Different regions will have differing averages. At the shoulder they stand 150-183cm (59-72in) tall). Usable Meat: 25-30kg, Live Weight: 230-245kg Averages for Calculations. Posts about carcass written by alicat1707. 732 x .67 = 490 lb. Usable Meat: 75-85kg, Live Weight: 130-145kg Bone: 20-25kg H. Channon, in Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences (Second Edition), 2014. Bulls of both species may top 900kg and stand 1.7m at the shoulder. Carcass Weight: 110-130kg The Eland is the largest of the African antelope, a huge animal about the size of an Alaskan moose. Males and females both have horns … Usable Meat: 45-55kg, Live Weight: 65kg Carcass Weight: 100kg Description. Habitat: Woodland (fx. All content copyright Bowhunter’s Corner and Sean Nel. Eland inhabit open country, from montane grasslands to semi-deserts. They tend to live in woodlands and woodland savanna, from coastal plains to mountainous areas, from semi-desert to regions with relatively high rainfall. Drom & Sune Beukes. The weight of the lungs differed significantly for gender. Usable Meat: 320-350kg, Live Weight: 250-270kg Usable Meat: 24kg, Live Weight: 250kg minus 10% for loss (10kg), Adjusted weight minus 43% for innards, skin and offal (38.7kg) This is a very important point to note, because the larger the animal and the greater the muscle mass, the longer it takes to bring down the … They have a body length between 2.2 and 3.45 m (7.2 - 11.3 ft), a tail length of 90 cms (35 inches), and they weigh between 300 and 1,000 kgs (660 - 2,210 lbs). A dewlap, thought to be an adaptation for heat dissapation, hangs from the throat and neck. As you can see, the take home weight is less than half of the original weight of the animal. Recently these animals have become popular for their meat and milk. Usable Meat: 100-110kg, Live Weight: 190-210kg Otherwise, you might end up not drawing your bow the whole trip. Scientists believe it could be a means of communication - when a male walks through his territory, such clicking can be heard as far as a mile away and may alert another eland with regard to his territory. The Common eland features on the Grootfontein coat of arms in Namibia. Bone: 27-30kg The average weight of Black Wildebeest ranges between 110 and 180 kg (240-400 lb) and the average head-body length is between 170 and 220 cm (67-87 inches). Mature bulls will display a black/darkened fringe on the forehead, with the emphasis not always being the length of the horn but the age of the animal. A fully grown bull may weigh 2,000 lb (900 kg). The 2018 Mathews Triax (part 1) – Is it Hype or Have Mathews Restored Faith? Actual meat weight received from the butcher will vary depending on processing and fat content added. Usable Meat: 18-20kg, Live Weight: 100kg Eland bulls can average approximately 68" tall at the shoulder and 1400 pounds in weight. Bone: 5-8kg Contact Us. Males of this species are usually taller than females with the average shoulder height of males being 111-121 cm (44-48 inches) whereas for the females it is 106-116 cm … Habitat loss as a result of expanding human settlements and being poached for its high quality meat have meant drastic reductions of range and numbers of the Common eland. Weaning takes pace after 6 months and the calves stay for as long as two years within their calf group. The opinions of authors are not necessarily the opinions of Bowhunter’s Corner, Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Sean Nel is a staff shooter for Archer's Edge South Africa, Beestinger, GoldTip, Sureloc and Health Matrix as well as an accredited Archery Instructor with the South African National Archery Association (SANAA). Despite this, it has enough endurance to trot for an indefinite period and is able to jump from a standstill over an 8-foot fence. The second is the more familiar, common eland (Taurotragus oryx). Bone: 15kg Carcass Weight: 80-90kg 125-183 cm. Carcass Weight: 30-32kg Studies at the Galana Ranch in Kenya reported carcass yield of 57% for oryx, 55% for eland and 52% for cattle. 1200 x .61 = 732 lb. Carcass Weight: 400-420kg (1969). in males of the species! Currently this species is classified as Least Concern (LC) and its numbers today remain stable. They also use the odors in their urine to communicate. Bone: 5-7kg Like most antelope, in their native habitat eland are herd animals. 200-345 cm. You might really want a Kudu, but only Waterbuck or Wildebeest show up. Need to get the maximum from a shorter draw? Females measure between 200 and 280cm (79-110in) from the snout to the start of the tail. al., 1962). Bone: 12kg The male fallow deer is known as a buck, the female is a doe, and the young a fawn. An adult male is around 1.6 metres (5') tall at the shoulder (females are 20 centimetres (8") shorter) and can weigh up to 942 kg (2,077 lb) with an average of 500–600 kg (1,100–1,300 lb), 340… Bone: 15kg Carcass Weight: 60-70kg Weight 460 - 1000kg. Tuesday marked the fifth day since a lion escape in the Karoo National Park outside Beaufort West, Western Cape. Arrow Selection for Short Draw, Low Poundage Hunters, Garmin XERO A1 and A1i HUD bow sight and rangefinder. “Tauros” means “bull,” “tragos” is a he-goat and the word “oryx” means an antelope or gazelle. An average weight for a male eland would be somewhere between 400 and 492kg (882-2,077lb). WEIGHT. Carcass Weight: 30-35kg mopane) and forested savannas. Processors: … A .30-06 Springfield with a good 180-grain Partition will handle almost all the plains game species, including zebra, wildebeest and eland. When judging the trophy quality of Eland, it's important to look at the size of the ridge on the boss, the color of the dewlap and skin leading up to the head from the shoulders. So after climbing into bed around 1am last night after some serious packing, we eventually bid the kids a sad farewell and finally got on the road at 10.30am via Harties, Swartruggens & Zeerust….. Read the next post in this series on how much ground beef you can expect. Hides are a uniform fawn color with some vertical white striping on the upper parts. = Usable Meat (40kg), “Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me…” Genesis 27:3. Bone: 33-38kg Usable Meat: 170-190kg, Live Weight: 230-240kg Usable Meat: 40-45kg, Live Weight: 70kg Bone: 5kg HEIGHT. Usable Meat: 95kg, Live Weight: 200-210kg Both species grow quite large, and have a number of similarities and differences. The common eland hunted in Southern Africa is the world's second largest species of antelope. Carcass Weight: 345-360kg Offal items contributed 40 – 43% to the live weight of the springbok. Pork carcass grading is generally based on carcass weight and a measurement of the fat and lean content of the carcass on the slaughter floor before chilling. Adult males also possess a mat of hair on their forehead that becomes longer and denser as they get older. If it was a Giant Eland, well a bull can weigh 2,000 pounds! Usable Meat: 25kg, Live Weight: 45kg The averages below is what you can expect from a. This guide contains most of the pertinent information for producers to be able to market meat directly to consumers in Pennsylvania. Bone: 30-35kg The Common eland's scientific name “taurotragus oryx” is from Greek. Both species stand up to 6 feet tall at the shoulder, but the giant eland grows slightly longer than the common. Due to human settlement and poaching, there are not many of them. Carcass Weight: 130-140kg They are quite agile for their size, capable of impressive leaps. The front half of the bullet is soft enough to open reliably on smaller species, and the Partition and rear core drives deep into the bigger species. Carcass Weight: 95-100kg Adult bucks are 140–160 cm (55–63 in) long, 85–95 cm (33–37 in) in shoulder height, and typically 60–100 kg (130–220 lb) in weight; does are 130–150 cm (51–59 in) long, 75–85 cm (30–33 in) in shoulder height, and 30–50 kg (66–110 lb) in weight. The common eland (Taurotragus oryx), also known as the southern eland or eland antelope, is a savannah and plains antelope found in East and Southern Africa. Typically, mature males form herds, and mature females do as well, with the young congregating in nursery herds. (Crawford. All content copyright from other authors respected and remains with the authors. Males and females both have horns that form a tight spiral, though females' horns are generally longer and thinner. PDF document, 206.5 KB. Live Weight: 70-75kg Calves grow very quickly, feeding on the nutritious eland milk, soon joining a nursery herd that remains close to the herd of females. Weight 700Kg (M) 460Kg (f) Shoulder Height: 1.7m (M) 1.5cm (F) Mating Season: Throughout the year. packaged weight. Common elands are polygynous breeders and dominant males will mate with multiple females. According to the IUCN Red List, the total Common eland population size is around 136,000 individuals. Usually a fawn or tawny color, elands become gray or bluish-gray when they get older, and the oldest animals are almost black. Carcass Weight: 120-130kg Weight: 440 - 900 kg (970 - 1984 lb) Length: 310 - 380 cm (122 - 150 in), including tail; up to 182 cm (72 in) tall. It occurs in east and southern Africa, from Kenya to Botswana. A hierarchy exists within these herds, which determines, for a male, access to breeding females, and to feeding sites for a female.
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