End users should conduct their own evaluation of RTP Company compounds to ensure satisfactory compatibility with any environmental or physical conditions to which they may be exposed. LDPE at 50C° shows some effect after 7 days of constant exposure. Chemical Resistance Chart. DuPont Chemical Resistance Guide . Data for 43,330 combinations of corrodents vs. plastic materials. HDPE and LDPE Resistance Chart by Chemical LDPE & HDPE resistance listed by chemical 1.4-dioxane LDPE and HDPE at 20C° show little or no damage after 30 days of constant exposure. (Plastics) (Elastomers) (Plastics) (Elastomers) A < 10% <= 15% < 15% <=15% Excellent, little or no swelling, softening or surface deterioration B < 15% <= 30% < 30% <= 30% Good chemical resistance, minor swelling, softening or deterioration C < 20% <= 50% < 50% <= 60% Limited chemical resistance, moderate attack, conditional service NR > 20% > 50% > 50% > 60% Severe attack, not recommended … Resistance is often affected [and frequently reduced] when handling a number of chemicals or compounds containing impurities. Chemical resistance FEP. Chemical compatibility, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance are among the greatest advantages of plastics in comparision to metals. Polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE) has a very good compatibility rating with most chemicals and is resistant to strong acids and bases, as well as gentle oxidants and reducing agents ; Polypropylene is almost as resistant as polyethylene, but with a few specific chemicals it offers superior resistance. All Chemical Resistance data for Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) and Fluorocarbon (FKM) contained within this manual has been provided, with written consent, by Parker Hannifin Corporation. AGENT (INCLUDING CONCENTRATION, °C) NYLON* ACETAL POLYETHYLENES POLYPROPYLENE PVC CPVC TEFLON ACRYLIC POLYCARBONATE; LOW DENSITY HIGH DENSITY UHMW * The figures for nylon are for types 6 and 6/6. The tables “Chemical resistance of plastics”, “Plastics and their properties” and “Viscosity of liquids" as well as the information about chemical resistance given in the particular product descriptions have been drawn up based on information provided by various raw material manufacturers. Add to cart. Plastic Bars Plastic Rods Plastic Hex Rods Plastic Tubes. Chemical Resistance of Plastics Chart. No information available. Please Note: The information in this chart has been supplied by reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility. for advice. Products. The chemical resistance of Lexan polycarboante sheet from theplasticshop.co.uk is dependent upon five major factors: 1. Search Products . Acetal (Polyoxymethylene) Chemical Compatibility Chart: Check the chemical compatibility of Acetal and Delrin® with various chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products.. Shop Acetal. The chemical resistance of plastic piping is basically a function of the thermoplastic material and the compounding components. According to Curbell plastics, resistant to following chemicals: ChemRes PLUS is an easy way to obtain information on the chemical resistance of materials used in products from GF Piping Systems. Chemical resistance of plastics to Xylene @ 20°C is depending on their ability to keep properties when exposed to this reagent. What type of plastic offers the best resistance to various chemicals? On request, a dedicated team will provide consulting and assist in selecting the best material for special applications. By choosing the right polymer family, the user can put himself in the position of being able to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions without the need for additional protection such as surface treatment, painting or cathodic protection. Information about the chemical resistance of plastics can often be found in summary charts. The engineer needs to be sure that his fasteners will last as long as the rest of his materials. 42 users found this article useful. The Four Top Chemical Resistant Plastics. There are many factors which influence chemical resistance - always test for your own application before selecting the appropriate Azlon product. Plastic Welding Rods Tube Caps / Plugs Eye-Bolts Hoses → Search Our Inventory ← Back to Product Menu. 3D printed polypropylene demonstrated in various chemical applications by Kitson et al. Chemical Resistance Chart sulfuric Acid, Aci d Trichl ne Zinc Chloride Oxide sulfate at letter repr&n PEEK PEEK te Poly- PEEK carbonate Poly- PEEK PEEK te rellable_ of ene propylene Poly- propylene ene the e ity of u u Cts iability for Poly- PEEK carbonate Poly- PEEK PEEK able te ass Data may only upon Note: To the of this guide IS to wrtablãty of any Back to Previous Page . In most aqueous environments, its weight increase is less than 0.2% when it has been stored for 6 months at ambient temperatures. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE TABLE Page 1 of 14 The data given in the extensive Table below is the current ‘best state of information’ as known to Nylacast. Chemical resistance of phthalate-free vinyl, silicone, polyurethane, hytrel, nylon, Teflon (PTFE), PFA, FEP, polypropylene, LLDPE, LDPE and more plastics Temperature 3. Chemical Resistance Table Chemical or Material Conveyed Butyl CPE EPDM CSM TPC-ET Natural Neoprene Nitrile Nylon SBR TPV PTFE UHMW Urethane FKM XLPE 1 UNDECANOL E E E E E G E 1,4-DIOXANE G G X X X X E X E X X E 1-AMINO-2-PROPANOL E C G G E X 1-AMINOBUTANE X C C X X C X E X X 1-AMINOPENTANE G X G G X C E X Chemical resistant plastics play an important role in the planning and development of facilities and machinery. It has a slightly higher coefficient of friction, lower continuous working temperature and is more transparent than PTFE. These chemical and environmental resistance ratings for thermoplastics are provided for comparison purposes only. However, the results usually only take individual criteria into account. Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics quantity. Chemical Resistance Chart For Plastics. Acetaldehyde - GF Diethyl Benzene - FN Methyl Ethyl Ketone - NN Acetamide, Sat. Types 11 and 12 are generally more resistant. ABS Chemical Resistance Chart. When the temperature is increased to 60°C (140°F), the weight increase Exposure time 4. This all-new edition covers 1450+ liquid or dry chemicals, gases, lubricants, household fluids, foods and many other environments are covered. UHMWPE Chemical Resistance. When test data on chemical resistance to particular chemicals under specific operating conditions is not available, Harrington Industrial Plastics LLC. If you have any doubts, please contact our Technical Dept. Please contact MENDA for specific applications. No assurance can be implied that any RTP Company compound will meet the ratings listed. Acetaldehyde LDPE and HDPE at 20C° show little or no damage after 30 days of constant exposure. However, not all plastics are suitable for contact with every chemical medium. Title: General Chemical Resistance Chart Description: General Chemical Resistance Chart Published: 7/2/2009 Last Edited: 9/18/2013. 3.Moderate attack, limited life 4.Material will decompose.. Side by Side Material Comparison Chemical Resistance Chart (Note: Large File) Quite resistant to acids and bases. Polyurethane Chemical Resistance Chart and Table to Chemicals. ABS Plastic Acetal, POM Acrylic (PMMA) Buna N (Nitrile) Aluminum Nylon (PA) Brass Bronze Copper Cast Iron CPVC Tygon EPDM Hastelloy® -C Natural Rubber Hytrel® (TPE) Kel-F® (PCTFE) HDPE LDPE Neoprene (CR) Noryl® (PPO) Polycarbonate (PC) Polypropylene (PP) PTFE PVC PVDF (Kynar®) Silicone (VMQ) Titanium Viton® (FKM) Amines A A N/A D D B B D D D N/A D B B 1A A B C B B D D D B A D N/A … Is susceptible to oxidation for example peroxides, as it is just a hydrocarbon. The chemical resistance of plastics: This chart gives general guidelines on the chemical resistance of plastics. The DuPont Chemical Resistance Guide helps you choose the best elastomer for your application. Resistance data was taken from Parker’s 2008 edition of the Parker O-ring Handbook. Type of chemical involved Lexan polycarbonate sheet has a good chemical resistance, at room temperature, to a variety of dilute organic and inorganic acids. Chemical Resistance Chart ; Vertical Tanks ; Double Wall Tanks ; Horizontal Tanks ... Fabco Plastics offers new and innovative products to an ever growing list of industrial market segments. Not all plastics hold up well in extreme environments. FEP has a better gas and vapor permeability and outstanding UV transmission values. CORROSION RESISTANCE OF THERMOPLASTICS &THERMOSETS PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride PE Poly Ethylene FRP Isopthalic FRE Epoxy CPVC - Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride PP Poly Propylene FRB Bisphenol FRHA HET Acid ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadine Styrene PVDF Poly Vinylidene Di Flouride FRV Vinyl Ester FRF Furane Note: "-" implies not recommended FRVS Vinyl Ester (superior) FRPH Phenolic DuPont worked with the Los Angeles Rubber Group to update its valuable “Chemical Resistance Guide”, which has been an industry resource with performance ratings of 20 elastomers in over 1,000 chemicals. ultem ± pei (poly-ether-imide) chemical resistance chart key* code explanation resistance temperature ° f 1 excellent resistance to chemical attacka 70° b 100° 2 good resistance to chemical attack -c 120° may have slight swelling or loss of propertiesd 140° e 150° 3 marginal resistance to chemical attack -f 170° may crack, swell or dissolve. Widely used in clean rooms. Avoid lost sales and time, determine if your product is chemically compatible in under 30 seconds. Traditional chemical degradations encompass aesthetic defects, decomposition, swelling, crazing, cracking, and/or change in mechanical properties such as impact strength, tensile strength and elongation. Stress level in the application 2. 1.No attack, negligible effect 2.Slight attack, reduction in prop. Yes. TEFLON — Although our chart shows some chemicals not tested with Teflon, most can be … applications, the use of plastic will be justified on economic grounds when considered against alternative materials. Call Professional Plastics at (888) 995-7767 or E-Mail sales@proplas.com Order Online at www.professionalplastics.com. Resistant to various laboratory chemicals. Search Products View Cart Contact Us Plastic Sheets. Although FEP is similar to PTFE, there are a number of important differences. Download. Chemical Charts. Polyurethane Chemical Resistance Chart. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF PLASTICS This chart gives general guidelines only on the chemical resistance of plastics. In general, the less compounding components used the better the chemical resistance. Plastic U-Channels Plastic 90° Angles Plastic Discs Plastic Balls. Thermoplastic pipes with significant filler percentages may be susceptible to chemical attack where an unfilled material may be affected to a lesser degree or not at all. PP chemical resistance capability HMC polypropylene resins have outstanding resistance to water and other inorganic environments. Information disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general information purposes only. Was this article useful to you? If you have any doubts please contact us for assistance. Our experts offer individual support and advice in selecting materials for your plastic system solution. Chemical Resistance Chart for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) The chemical resistance chart below is a general guide only. There are many factors that influence chemical resistance, we therefore recommend that you test for your own application before selecting the appropriate product. No. The Ted Pella, Inc. website will be unavailable on 12/06/2020 from 4pm to 8pm GMT These values are based solely on laboratory tests with raw materials. Share. Many common engineering applications call for fasteners made from chemical resistant plastics. ABS Acetal Delrin® Acrylic Acetate / CAB Buna Rubber Tubing Carbon Fiber Ceramics CPVC EVA ETFE - Tefzel® FEP Fiberglass Fluran® Graphite HDPE HIPS Polystyrene Hytrel® Sheets Kevlar® Kydex® Lexan® LDPE LLDPE MDPE Tubing Neoprene Nomex® Films Norprene® Tubing Noryl® Nylon Nylatron® PBT PCTFE PEEK PET-G PET-P / Ertalyte® PFA … Chemical concentration 5.
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