I’m all for harm reduction. Not to mention how little I get paid for what I do? Lv 7. It just made me feel completely unimportant as a medial staff member as well as disrespected. That's not enough, so I'll offer a suggestion for action - one that you, personally, might be able to do. But Margo seems to agree that the situation is unfair to social workers. They can't even afford child care for their own kids. In my opinion social workers get paid so little because this country is more about business and how to get the most money the fastest. In that case, it can be morally imperative to do the work, and simultaneously unfair not to be well paid for it or have a reasonable workload. By simple virtue of the fact this area of human service fits my skillset and temperament better, I make more money than a program staff person who must drive out in the middle of the night to a family in crisis. But if they ask me to agree that the larger situation is unfair, then it's time for me to say something evasive. I stay home with my kids and have no life left to me, so take this party trick, my gift to you. Even with the best of efforts, social workers do not always get the support or resources they need to do their jobs, which causes them to physically and mentally burn themselves out or quit. When social workers are empowered, they empower their clients. This article is more than 6 years old. “For social workers, mission trumps money. October 29, 2012 • 2:58 am ... On with lousy pay for so … She kept touching me as she talked. However, the doctors were quick to try to discharge the patient very fast and did not take into consideration that the patient has been in bed for several days straight and did not bother to make sure he got exercise, which is very important in elderly people because they tend to decline in their functionality very very quickly. Day-to-day work involves assessing people’s needs, strengths and wishes, working with individuals and families directly to help them make changes and solve problems, organising support, making recommendations or referrals to other services and agencies, and keeping detailed records. So I asked Sadlowski why white-collar workers had never embraced the labor movement as avidly as blue-collar workers. This (via Miri) is a piece by Margo, a social worker, talking about how people talk about social work as being unusually hard, and call social workers "saints." Posted by. Recently, the BBC released a report about the highest paying jobs in the UK. 2. Social work jobs are rewarding, but they do present unique challenges. And I would hope that they notice these things and instead of saying, “You shouldn’t have chosen social work if you wanted more money,” they will say, “It’s abhorrent that you make so little money and if there’s ever any way I can influence this situation, I will.”. Identify an issue where you're reasonably sure you have the correct opinion (this can be hard! Nonetheless, that someone is not me - the best thing for. (Someone with a Masters degree and years of cumulative field experience deserves a starting salary of significantly higher than ~35k, but the money’s just not there.) I have come to revel in that agonizing first pause, because I know that I can push a conversation through. Voting on the issues is hard; you're literally supplying a single bit of information. Instead, they are punitive. Most people don't ever do even this much, so this "vote" will carry much more weight (and precision) than the one in the official election. Generally if someone goes through 4-6 years of college courses, combining business, psych, community organizing, community resources, sociology Social Work techniques, etc. I am likely missing something important here, because Margo seems smart and has had plenty of time to think this through. AND the doctor absolutely refused to help the patient try to walk, which is part of their job. What has humanity come to? This is just one of the examples which has showed me that the department does not care about other people walking all over us and taking advantage of us. For example, if there is an issue with something you did or said, you get called into a meeting to lecture you on what you did wrong and sometimes even make you sign paperwork (because you’ve been written up). For example, it seems like some small amount of time doing one-on-one helping work on a volunteer basis, or as part of a different kind of job, might to be nearly as satisfying as doing it full-time. Why you mightn't deserve as much money as you think The average cost of child care is out of reach for many families and rivals college tuition, while early educators are among the lowest paid workers in the country. Ma… There has been a lot of discussion, debate and concern about the rate social workers get paid, especially given the work that we do. Area of specialization matters. If you chose that profession because you like it, knowing the costs, then that is sad, but no sadder than people in easier jobs making more money, but not doing what they love. It is that change which is driving the demand for higher pay. A mathematician may like playing with a problem that has no known solution. Boy, was I wrong! Money article listed 15 stressful jobs that pay badly. 1. If you haven’t noticed alot of jobs that get paid the most are Adminstrative positions. Business. Why Do Some Jobs Pay So Little? In my opinion social workers get paid so little because this country is more about business and how to get the most money the fastest. These jobs all require skill sets that I lack and could only build with considerable effort, stress, and financial investment, if at all. Social workers have always been underpaid. Work as political advocate for the same, either as a grass-roots campaigner or for a think tank or something else. Because nearly everyone in the world believes their job to be difficult. What am I missing? Because that is the market value of the job that they do. I learned very early on that I am not a person who can deal with that. The average yearly wage for Social workers was $46,285 in 2016. That sounds hard.”. Find someone who represents you in government, who is considering a decision related to this issue. There are two main types of social workers: direct-service social workers, who help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives, and clinical social workers, who diagnose and treat mental, behavioural, and emotional issues. Today, low-wage workers provide forty-six per cent of their family’s income.
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