Nigerian dwarf goats are best to be fed with hay and forage. #8 Reason Why You DON’T Want Nigerian Dwarf Goats: You Can Only Get One. If you READ MORE: Nigerian Dwarf Goat Care and Feeding. There are only a few diseases you need to worry about and most have vaccines to prevent them. People are increasingly choosing dwarf goats for pets. For a lot of people, the appeal of the Nigerian Dwarf goat is the combination of their compact size and milking ability. You’ll also need to provide shelter so they can stay warm and dry in wet weather. I just disbudded four kids yesterday; two bucks and two does. Protecting Your Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats With CDT Vaccine. Today I am so excited to have my friend Lesa Wilke of Better Hens & Gardens visiting to answer my many goat-raising questions. Since dietary needs vary from goat to goat and from season to season, when it comes to concentrates, the eye of the master fattens the goat. good hay is limited. That doesn’t mean you can place a goat with a horse or a dog and it will be okay, they need another goat companion. The does were two weeks and one day old and the bucks were one week and three days old. Goats are browsers. Which means you can’t have just one. Feeding Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats – Who Gets What. Although all goats basically need the same foods, each goat requires differing amounts of hay, mineral, water, and grain depending upon their age, gender, and energy requirements. What do Nigerian dwarf goats eat? I agree. It’s therefore important to monitor goats individually to make sure they are not getting too fat or too thin. I had goats off and on growing up, as well. I have Nigerian Dwarf goats, too (don't know about standards, but would assume it'd be the same). Milking. They need a high-quality hay, such as alfalfa. Every goat needs at least 135 square feet of space. As a child growing up I had Boer goats. Ever since the decision to get Nigerian Dwarf goats for our homestead, she has put up with my numerous goat inquiries. Make certain the feed does not contain urea because it is toxic to goats. TCH: What breeds have or do you raise? Nigerian dwarf goats need shelter, sturdy fencing, food, and water to be happy and healthy. Females average 17” to 21” at the withers and males are usually 19” to 23.5” at the withers. Goats (all goats) are herd animals. When milking, the Nigerian Dwarf goat milk can go as high as 3 and 4 pounds of 6% to 10% butterfat milk on a daily basis. Their feeding also depends on age and gender. But many still breed them for their milk. They love to eat the green leaves from bushes and small trees. They also average 60-80 pounds. Shelter – Nigerian Dwarf goats (or dairy goats in general) cannot withstand wind, don’t like to get wet, and must be protected from predators, so some type of shelter to protect them from these things is necessary. A single goat will get bored and lonely, very lonely. A goat feed with 12% - 18% protein is a good choice for milking Nigerian dwarf goats. CLF (Crosby Lake Farm): I have had Nigerian Dwarf goats for about four years. The bucklings grow their buds very quickly compared to the doe kids. Regardless, Nigerian dwarf goats need to have access to fresh and clean water all the time. Before you get the goats, prepare your yard and barn so they have enough room to romp around. CLF: Currently, I only have Nigerian Dwarf goats.I have had a few large breed dairy does in the past few years. So you’ve been dreaming of goats and calculating the expenses.It’s finally time to get prepared for your first goat. How big do Nigerian dwarf goats get? Pygmy goats are a hardy bunch and when properly housed and fed, they are unlikely to come down with some dreaded disease.
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