80-90+ agi (counter for mount strip and helps you level faster if you plan on using manual/2hq type LK) haha..u forger ahh… Because as you can see in the second SS, his LK HP is 55500, while yours only 54K (though I don’t know how can LK have that much HP without using mvp/boss card & he didn’t mention he use any mvp/boss card). Its correct. hahahaha im not making fun of it im laughing at how you said somethings in caps xD, Another newb with the fvckin’ CAPSED guide. This Engram calculator tool for ARK: Survival Evolved can help you to distribute your Engram Points (EP) wisely. ?TNGNAN MO MUNA SARILI MO BOY. one of the best LK’s on valk Edited by Ashuckel, 06 November 2017 - 10:10 AM. 2 Counter Attack then 1 more slot im using orc hero card in heagear..no more stun..haha.. Anti-spam word: (Required)* This page will tell you your character's stats in Ragnarok Online at different point in time. can u explain how to defeat champion without stun? specially because its a pvp scenario, you have 5%. USE SPIRAL PIERCE ON HW AND YOU CAN WIN EASLY FOR THIS TYPE OF OPPONENT. /no1, for reduced casting delay use expert rings, @4ku-T4k-P3l4x-L4 you can 1shot sniper by using spiral pierce. str : max i out These type of stalkers are most commonly seen in PVP only. acquiring equivalent rss snag? They easily retain their status as the class with the highest HP Modifier and strongest physical AoE damage dealer. It will tell you your attack, defend, magic attack … and one thing what kind of acce would be suitable? IM NOT CONSIDERING MY SELF  THE BEST LORD KNIGHT BUT TO BE A LORD KNIGHT IN HEART AND IN MIND IS NOT BAD.HEHE GODBLESS AND GODSPEED LORD KNIGHTS! Page 1 of 3 - Best PVP class - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: to be more specific: i would like to create pvp character...preferable who would be good for 1vs1 AND on group pvp. +6 thorn shield [thara frog] im just asking bout the other way of being a RK..? everybody reply these stats??? no more the less I WIN OF COURSE. Im confused… in your skill build, why is there no BB but in your SS there is a lvl10 BB.. how can that happen?.. This is bullshit, all i play is Champ and never did a LK beat me. physical or not yea as you can see i kill NOT ONE BUT TWO SNIPER by my self ^_^. Assasin cross can kill Lord Knight EASYLY? It is highly discouraged to base in-game purchases on results obtained through this calculator. Someone who’s going to be aware of nice retort. Ex: Valkyrie Randgris. and you said you were switching between armors ? 5 Cavalier Mastery Hey mga kabayan. di nmn naka frenzy? in ONE SHOT you can see the damage that can be done by champ [EF]70-150k?ehh?wtf. Several functions may not work. Kasi noong nag shout ako ayan un cnabi nila!! I like the guide sir, but it only covers a hybrid LK. You can do much better as a LK by not using this build. 5 Concentration Ragnarok Mobile Stat Calculator. you fucking moron! JUST REMEBER THE BATTLE CRY WHEN FACING SINX  KILL them first  OR BE KILLED. Your hit is lower than the flee of the player. Question po, Mas ok bang i-max ang int and vit then dex (leftovers) para sa clashing type? so +10 krasnaya is a lot better compared to +10 katana As you will currently only be able to gain 2764 engrams points (level 94), while there are more than 4194 engram points needed to unlock everything. can also use AR and also gives good aspd , this weapon also has high atk so str would give great benefits on HF , axes are also unbreakable on renewal , so this weapon can also be an alternative for unbreakable weapon + shield and gives you the option of using crush strike. you fucking moron! 90+str ( when pvp\’ing/woe\’ing use +20 str food buff + 30 str rune buff for the win WHOOOO! ) kung may suggestions kayo na makakatulong ilagay nyo… pero kung puro kawalangyaan lang pinagsasabi nyo eh daig nyo pa ang basura! Ragnarok exe PH Solo PVP By Pomza - Duration: 7:11. + [ TRASHTALK THEM IF YOU WANT. and saying that a gx runs away from you ? but instead of using CS+SB combo use BB / IB / CS + SB combo come bring ur lk..we fight…haha, hey puzzy wtf are you saying??? your HIT - target Flee. SG card increases overall BB damage YEAH. sonic blow is a good skill but when the player is a bastarD and do not know how to used sb you have the advantage on it. +50% from dev and another +50% from tgk. I though lord knight stats should be Easy. First, it is not properly writen. ang taas naman ata ng str. We will continue developing this calculator to improve it! bring switchable armors Calculating Reducts - Ragnarok 1 Community Chat - WarpPortal. TO KILL THEM NASTY AND QUICK  i used to spam BASH SKILL+ SPIRAL PIERCE for  CHAMP  TO KILL AND CHARGE ATTACK+ SPIRAL PEIRCE COMBO FOR PROFFESSOR when they are on safety wall. Kyla Roque, on February 27th, 2012 at 5:36 am Said: MAYAMAN KA LANG SA RAGNA PERO INUTIL KA . TalonRO Calculator (PVP-BETA). oh man..nice guide but reading this was just too funny. แรง! i would like to share my build, if you don`t mind: this class is one of MOB damage dealer i guess. Okay, this guide sucks big time. This information brought to you by LK of ragnarok Indonesia member. are you planning to do suicide xD 5 Spear Boomerang take advantage of the fact that spiral is a long ranged skill, Just intermezzo for Spiral Pierce. Just go with 100% or more or even better skills that ignores flee. 1 Traumatic Blow +6 tidal shoes [Matyr] AGI 30-50 ( so you think im a bastard? When I shouted or use megaphone Nakikipag usap ako ng maayos wag po sana bastos mag reply. a DB/CS/SB hybrid is the best build This information brought to you by LK of ragnarok Indonesia member. Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. shield im using fire skelleton card…what effect u give me u get back..stun,curse,stone curse…huwaahahaha… and vit(all stats on vit) its only useful when tanking AD / Asura. 1 Tension Relax You currently have javascript disabled. Oh brother. source wiki: The Lord Knight is now a master of weapons with a special affinity for Two-handed Swords and Spears. again, good guide. Vit Dex Int(3rd job rune knight dragon breath skill) a single hit of elemental type of attack ( non neutral ) Simn's Asura Calculator V2.0. i cannot max BB beacuse of its requirements..Thank you.. im currently having this stat buildand planning to reset skill with your skills. The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments +10 blade [2x sword guardian, 2x hydra] @[email protected]. This is a Stat Simulator and Planner for Monk. pvp na lang tyo basura ano?? spiral build ba yan? by equiping devi youll recieve increased dmg with an elemental attack ; Vitality: 70~90 Having this stat will enable you to reach the 10,000 hp with the proper gears. The DB info is always the amount of Hit or Flee required to 100% hit or 95% flee them. For this type of opponent you need range to range skills SPIRAL PIERCE AND SPEAR BOOM. You think im stupid when i put 50 agi on my stat ryt?LMAO that is also the key DAMAGE PER SECOND [agi] SPAMMING BASH SKILL CAN KILL CHAMP EASILY. will kill you instantly u dimwit Akala ko ba dapat ganito ang stat Asura Strike Calculator For WoE And PvP - GEOCITIES. NOT BAD THOUGH IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY  PLAYING LOL]. If I've 270 hit, he's 260 flee, I've 10% hit rate? cenrtainly u\’ll get crushed by any decent sorce :) not necessarily high int Based on the formula [ AttackerHit - DefenderFlee] %, http://irowiki.org/wiki/Stats#HIT does anyone know if I've 250 Hit, the attacked player's 260 flee, I've 10% chance to hit him? OK. i want you to know that MY PROTOTYPE BUILD IS FOR CHAMPION CLASSES. 10 Parrying. Yoyo Mode - The 'safe' PvP mode, where death does not cause EXP loss or items to drop. your hit rate is 400, target flee is 300. best weapon would be 2bloody boned krasnaya , just be sure to switch back to ur defensive equips ( cranial + CK or quad bloody/quad hunterfly ) but if u dun want to switch weapons , TENS is ok some player forgot the elemental effect of the opponent armor.when assasin cross used buffs such as poison skill on himself, switch your armor to argiope armor[poison property].based on my experienced assasin cross [pvp type] do not have other tactics rather than doing cloak+sonic blow. decent guide, not good for newbies but extremely helpful for average to advanced players fucking idiot I guess most Pinoys would rather spout inappropriate taunting and jeering than saying something constructive to share. Rather than wasting your time to ridicule and insult others, when you have nothing to say but trashtalk, please refrain from saying anything at all. Long ago in pre-renewal. your hit rate is 300, target flee is 400. sure kang yan ang build mo? This resource calculator application has all items that requires resources to craft. otherwise go for melee  bash /pierce them until they DROP DEAD MAGGOTT. The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments LUK 1( your not a second job crit type so STFU), [FOR BERSERK skill ] AGI=1=== BERSERK POTS+TWO HAND QUICK +BERSERK SKILL=190ATPSD. like all of you to test this calc and compare it to the actual PVP damage. 1 1hand SM i do not agree. You mean you experimented to derive that formula? damn im using dark lord n dark illution combo in headgear and boot. Second, no, but nobody can ever become invicible-like char in the battlefield. Ultra league pvp iv. This is not recommended for shared computers. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. Don’t degrade your impression from other countries any further, it won’t do you guys any good. Gumawa na lang kaya kayo ng own build tapos post nyo dito pra pagatawan kayo…. While Trappers are only for WoE, and Blitz Builds are only for MVP. 300-400 = -100, you wont hit. 5 Spear Stab [  B         A          S             H ]skill. simply because you have good balance of offense and defense here for dueling other job like sniper [LONG RANGE  SPAM TYPE]    [ CHAMP ASURA 1 hit type ], sinx [SB TYPE] , prof [ BOLTER TYPE ],  white smith [CART RAM TYPE], PALLADIN [ SACRI OR RAPID S. TYPE]  and other char whos commonly love to duel on  other player. 0 e Adelays, High Rate , Eventos Diários Staff Ativa e Dedicada Exclusivo Servidor para Testes aonde você é o GM Comandos: @go @warp, @autoloot O servidor possui RATE MÉDIA e um mundo totalmente diferente do ragnarok original. Using a Rock Drake's excellent climbing skills, survivors can traverse across steep cliffs. Vs.OTHER JOB CLASS [ pally, mastersmith Bio ninja PROF minstrell  gypsy high priest  etc.. ], IF you have good equips it is impossible to be killed easy obviously when you have good equips you can tank damage of other character sacrifce?arrow vulcan?ram? letche! The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments CS type LK\’s adds int so that leveling without sp pots wouldn\’t be a problem The Rock Drake can only be found in a particular cavern and is relatively tough to tame. he will trap you if hes wiser than you. Aside from the damage output, they are also invisible. one false move and your dead. 1. also using dev meteau.. Lol.. You can use as many argiope card as you like but it’ll be useless againts sb+edp.. good guide ^^i’ve played ragnarok for almost a year now . because as i say they can 1 shot you BY ASURA [EF] unless you have good equips such as develing +8 def set or KVM equips go face them with your all force SPIRAL PIERCE ,BASH OR PIERCE THEM UNTIL THEY DEAD. Stat LK for SP: Find the best RO private servers PVP on our topsite and play for free. Im sure others who are reading these Flames are getting a headache just from browsing them. You can easily confirm this also by using monsters info. PvP System. fire armor for comet , crimson rock and DB this is just a guide! Forgive the sermon in this inappropriate place but I just had to let that out my chest. DB for elemental type attack that ignores anything However they can be PVM rarely. i like the build..(redundance) ihanks for the tips..ganna try it..and also the link for BB lks…^_^ champs are no match for LK.its a fact..and it also depends on the player…if he’s dumb surely hell never survive an lk..but maybe some are skilled champs also..so it depends. may is a great stats. Ragnarok Online PVP Servers. tapos ang baba ng dex. Please report any possible bugs! Warning: This is an early version and some formulas might cause incorrect results in some cases. Thanks a lot! +6 wool scarf [Raydric] Each of these points are assigned to a random stat. Against Creator: make decrease range attack build, and always spam pneumas. my first char was a LK and even though its only second for tanking,killing, its a hybrid char its good to play with this char it doesnt make you look a godlike killing machine but its a good tank/support to initiators. PvP/WoE Sonic Blow Assassin Cross Build. Against Paladin/High Priest/Lord Knight: for priest same as like for wiz/prof/clown. feeling na mlakas lng. Ex: Valkyrie Randgris. haha laugh at others.. gagawa po ako ng LK.. pde po mlaman ung best build and equipments ng agi/crit LK, 4ku-T4k-P3l4x-L4 <—– This Guy dnt have any idea of lk power play a low server rate n look how a champ kill Lk(lol just running n asura xD its a shit). so boring to read..^_^.. but wat is the best lk equips? A good equipped SinX can kill you in a flash. obviously champion as we know it is a common dueler on PVP, WOE,  This type of character is made for KILLING CLASS,ASURA [EXTRIMITY FIST]  is a skill for a killing machine. But the irowiki formula's Attacker Hit - Defender Flee, say the defender flee's higher, when the attacker's hit gets closer to defender flee, the hit rate decreases. I HOPE YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND AND APPRECIATE  WHAT IM POSTING HERE. Join the community of Talon Ragnarok Online, the most popular Ragnarok Online server in the world! to … PVP TACTICS. The image of Pinoys from other countries is that they are, a bunch of braggarts that likes to swagger to the smallest of things during gameplay, EVEN outside gameplay. They rely on dangerous magic strikes as well as devastating Area of Effect spells to wreak havoc. Vs. Sniper. STR = 90++ (this coud be one of priorities on the build higher damage dealer fo syo^_^) Sir, ws. Because he can kill people even there is no PVP ON in that x-mas map (no timer on the upper & no map player count on the lower right). Why dont u just use cranial instead A Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal Calculator, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance and damage from Characters in PvM environment. you can also use elemental equips, it depends on the situation : jt= wind armor, SG =UNFROZEN Armor, and other element just dont be stupid when switching armors. some players said runeknight biult is VIT,DEX,INT for DRAGON BREATH?? 3 2hand Q ok guys ,we know that there are several build for LORD KNIGHT such as pure spiral,pure bowling, hybrid spiral, hybrid bowling, 1 hand quicken type and too many build. THE KEY TO KILL GOOD CHAMPS ARE SPAMMING  THE STUN EFFECT OF THE LEGENDARY SKILL OF KNIGHT CLASSES WHICH IS THE. Choose to trashtalk me for all I care, It’ll just prove my point. Don't rely on anything factual. Many cities have Inns that allow entrance to the PvP arena. give credits go Lord Giorotep k la u tell me how to kill my champ..with ur sipral n bash!! Be aware that this PVP calc is in beta status! If i use 2 handed sword, i can’t stun the char with the bash or BB. Below is a list of our OSRS Skill Calculators, each offering the ability to estimate how much work is needed to achieve your level goals. ; Nightmare Mode - This mode was not very popular as there are are penalties upon death: EXP is lost, and there is a 1% chance to drop (and probably lose to another … when you switch back to TGK your hp wouldn\’t be full DEX 50+++ ( just enogh dex to the cast time of spiral thats it ) when dueling to other player used def set,when you know your enemy is good as you always equip CRANIAL shield[ i prefer CRANIAL VALKYRIE SHIELD] and used your skill accurately SPIRAL PEIRCE can kill them all just USED YOUR HEAD, KNOW THE SKILLS OF YOUR OPPONENT AND  SET YOUR STRATEGY and advantages when dueling. a ROM or a NG? You are confusing "100% Hit" and "95% Flee" numbers with HIT and FLEE. agi : leftovers Snipers are good when they know how to used TRAPS. storm gust hurt as hell. In Ark: Survival Evolved, a creature is given a stat point for each level. Only Double Strafe Type ruled the PVP. That includes weapons, armor, building structures, dyes, recipes and quest items. If you calculate their Flee, you will see the amount of Hit required to 100% is always 100 higher than their flee value. Against PvP Clown: Decrease ago, + push strike to make your character lag (position bug), then make asura. If you have nothing better to say, it’s is best to keep silent. .. the bottom line here is be wise. +10 HF is also a beast ! Posted on September 24th, 2011 by andy1992 (27 votes, average: 3.56 out of 5) Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, PvP, WoE | … The DB info is always the amount of Hit or Flee required to 100% hit or 95% flee them. INT 1 ( waste of stat points put some if your a High Wizzard wannabeeez lol) Players cant have more than 95% chance to flee. Really… But nowadays, since dex damage was nerfed, Double Strafe Type also went nerfed and trappers were boosted a lot. THIS IS MY PROTOTYPE™ BUILD FOR LORD KNIGHT CLASS. 80-90 dex ( atk , hit ,aspd , cast time ) but what the card for LK? For this type of opponent you need range to range skills SPIRAL PIERCE AND SPEAR BOOM. elementals sonic blow?? you can 1shot sniper by using spiral pierce. 1 Frenzy This is the most horrible build of all time. '-' 1. this is so annoying when you facing good sniper. Come and face my 54k HP Paladin.. @ Qiang Yong 3 Endure, 5 Aura Blade Strength: 1 or None ; Agility: 40~70 The ability to dodge most attacks and deal great amount of damage is the unique attributes towards Stalkers. @ 99/70 LK vit : 50, feather beret on my head Don’t bother. Old School RuneScape Tools and Calculators. Flee= 100+141+131= 372. 40-60 luk (decent resistance to most 3rd job status atk , crit and etc etc xD ) ii. Usually Hydra will deal more damage, but depends of your main stat, with high main stat hydra will scale more. even champ do have defensive equips i dont think they can tank bash damage while in STUN STATUS so on this state you have the advantage to kill champs. i. ... Ragnarok exe EP.72// Crusader สายเมียรักเมียหลง!! AGI= 72 this skill are GOOD because it inflicts stun  effect on low vit type job class such as champ.STUN IS A GOOD status effect,commonly used by Whitesmith on pvp and gypsy on WOE but IT IS THE KEY FOR THE TRIUMPH  OF LK BUILD VS CHAMP.when your stun you cannot POT or do anything  on your low vit character. dispell fiberlock 2x FB + 2 imp OG FTW ! Add and promote your Ragnarok Online server on the best top list for more players. Speaking to the Gate Entrance NPC brings up three options: . You can easily confirm this also by using monsters info. And oh yeah, Agriope Card against SinX’s poison? 10 2hand SM Full Stripping PVM monsters is rarely done. othilla rune on mace + AR is is best for attaining maximum aspd @lol at others. 1st let me explain on my build. AAA games are usually multiplatform or are first-party, have multimillion-dollar budgets, and expect to sell millions of copies. Her stats: 131 agi, lvl141. then armor tgk…my champ hp 34k..spiral so low dmg… a spear knight with a 99 str, 70 dex. 1 Peco Riding hay naku yung mga cons jn eh sana naman eh hindi na kailangan mag trashtalk ang pangit ng imahe nyo sa iba.. yun lang ang mga alam gawin.. btw nice guide… im making 2 different build for LK and it should be finished by the end of March.. i’ll be back for the result of the builds, my 1st favourite job in RO!! that`s it, anyone would like to try, be my guest :D. I think u don’t know how to life after got fully ashura. on carding weapons remember 90-120+ int ( this is infact the most important stat , increases DB damage , increases SB damage modifier and increases mdef ) On this prototype build you are more versatile on pvp/ woe/ duel.want to know why? it would really help alot. u dont know how strong gorio the lk is. SP till you die, i suggest using 2 expert rings for reduced casting delay of spiral pierce and remember to use your elements. I using the LK and pure SP, can die after got the fully ashura. With every level, a creature has a 1/7 (14.3%) chance of upgrading each stat. High Rate Trans Job 255/70 Unfrozen Farm MVP PVP GVG WOE SERagnarok Online top 100, 200 server, Ragnarok Online Private Servers, Ragnarok Online server. to 100% Hit: 472. 5 Magnum Break 50% bonus damage damage from other elements outweights the benefit of deviling card so for the tactics that ive put here is simple and clearly stated. lol your hp might increase but it certainly makes you food for the LK. With the comments in this page it’s not really helping to give a good image for your countrymen. read my discussion so you know why LK nids agi) bakit ganyan, buhay mo sa 2nd pic 50k+? dex : 60 7:11. hmmm 1st check this out my second LK build guide, http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/the-lor d-knight-pure-bowling-bash-build/, @kielx for the rune knight build obviously the skills of rk are balance you should decide what build do you want to have there are numerous build for rk dragon breath was the powerful one for aoe damage dealer( more on VIT AND INT i guess)dex is just for casting time but other rk expert focus and used rune stone which has the ability to give boost and def/atk mode same as lk. For Skills, please refer to this post. ( only for 2nd trans , once 3rd invest on higher int ) dokebi for chain lightning , JT The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments 400-300= 100, you will hit all the time myself, correcting the outdated formula on irowiki quite some time ago. 2nd used your skills very careful.used spiral pierce for fast kill or u can used the BERSERK skill if you are confident to kill them. If you calculate their Flee, you will see the amount of Hit required to 100% is always 100 higher than their flee value. Ragnarok PvP › Calendar › Ragnarok PvP Events December 2019 « November 2019 | January 2020 ... We are a 7 Days to Die PVP community. Quick Navigation: [ PvM Calc ] [ PvP Calc ] [ Bug Report/Requests ] Changelog [ hide/show ] then free for me to asura u till die…haha…dead LK no use at all in pvp..champ rulez pvp…even sinx also run lol…i woul never been stun n froze cause im playing bm mode..using skill n changing armor in same time…./gg..hehehe How Stats Are Distributed in Ark. ex. SinX enchant deadly poison skill does not change the weapon into poison element! Nope. didn’t you know how powerfull GT and linked SB is against your stupidly squishy build, uhmm RODE: RO Calculator. uhh.. 10 HP Recov and tgk? Plan your characters' stats in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Stat Calculator. You’ll lose…. We offer a variety of Old School RuneScape Skill Calculators. obviously LK is a more on  melee type character. VIT 70+++ (the most important stat more vit more versatile in pvp/woe) 10 Provoke just be careful when facing on champ used PARRY SKILL[TWO HAND SWORD NEEDED]  when facing them  so you can block ASURA[55% CHANCE NOT BAD try your luck] OR USED HIDING CLIP instead. Ragnarok Online Servidores PVP. 13727 Noel Road, Tower Ii, Su Why? tang Ina mo weak !lol, ULUL kayo tnga nyu..puro nmn kayo salita.. nahahalata 2lui na bobo mga pinoy sa pnagagagwa nyu ehh..tnga gmawa din kau ng guide nyu.. pagalit galit pa kau at pahamon hamon..kala nyu gagaling nyu, …wrong, dont ever use zerk when facing a sin, they just go invis and run away until your on 1hp, then go for the cheap shots.
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