In … If do it correctly then you’ll gain significance in more region that further leads to maximum market share plus steadiness for … Adaptation of product is a process or strategy of adapting or tailoring an otherwise standardized product or service offering to meet the needs and preferences of a particular market or set of consumers, where such markets and consumers are typically examined and managed within an international marketing context. Here are our top 4 brands which maximize their ROI by selling customized products. Before we dive into real-time examples, let me explain what is product customization briefly. This post will answer the question “how much product adaptation is needed and healthy for a brand starting its international expansion?” In answering the question, I am going to use examples from fashion and lifestyle companies, as I’ve spent the majority of my professional life in those industries. We wanted to find how top brands incorporated product customization feature to their online store and how it impacted their overall sales & brand image. In this lesson, you'll learn what product adaptation is, some of its key concepts, and be provided some examples. But before it adopted an official Chinese brand name this was not the case. In Beijing, Starbucks serves green and aromatic teas. StarBucks Coffee (Photo credit: Esparta) In Shanghai, KFC serves porridge for breakfast and Peking Duck burgers for lunch. Product Adaptation – Communications Extension: Alternatively, firms might adapt their product but market it using a standardized communications strategy. Product adaptation is a strategy in which a new product is based on customizations or modifications on existing products. Local market circumstances often favour the case of product adaptation. To put a company in a better position to succeed internationally, product adjustments may be needed to incorporate the specific taste, needs and cultural practices of the local region. For the sector of smaller and medium-sized businesses, this often translates to a demographically homogeneous group of the local … True, some companies, such as Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), can figure out one thing, do it extremely well and enjoy success for … Another source for product adaptation is the company’s expansion strategy. Adaptation of Products. These products don’t depend on innovations and are a mixture of previous products. Product adaptation allows companies to expand their reach and enter new markets – the above examples show exactly how it works. These products are sometimes internal products or they can be also competitors' product. Adaptation and survival often go hand in hand. Challenges to Brand Adaptation : Brands, out of necessity, must speak to their specific target markets as quite a few products or lifestyles appeal universally and businesses have to winnow down their target markets to the most receptive groups accordingly. Product adaptation is often essential for successful international sales. Coca-Cola is considered by many as one of the best examples of local brand adaptation, as its current four character name can be translated as “Let your mouth rejoice”, a relevant and memorable beverage name. Organizations worldwide use this approach for marketing purposes and legal compliance.For example, Denmark has strict requirements regarding food supplements – manufacturers are not allowed to use certain words on the labels or claim that their products … Your business success is extremely depended on strategy of product adaptation in international marketing that clearly connected to sales and acceptance factor.
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