Multiple in-law visits are a huge component of having more than one wife and you need to honour them. By Philip Scott For Several months down the road, she's pregnant and can't go to work to support herself anymore. If you are considering polygyny, finding a woman willing to be a co-wife should NOT be your first priority. That you can't trust her? Let’s get to the core of the matter first. Let’s play out a typical "second wife" scenario. Some scholars and marriage counsellors understand that everyone needs access to marital counselling, even those of us in polygamous marriages. I am also second wife, he's my second too. : Advice from A Man with More Than One Wife. my wife on the other hand always felt like second . king : shut up Sarah ,dont ever say those words to my daughter . aunt 2 :mxm uncle :but my king you know that your brother Simon left because of this issue . we have a neighbour, hes about 20 years younger than my wife, he looks straight into our kitchen from his window. When One Wife Isnt Enough: The Problems Of Polygamy, Judge To Decide Future Of Polygamous Towns In Arizona, Utah, Polygamy Increases Risk Of Heart Disease, Study Says. He said: “I have not been for a single day contented in my married life. Reality is that most of the time men can't keep up and these situations lead to divorce once the neglect sets in. Gazing out on the crowd and seemingly apropos to nothing, my husband mused, "I'll probably die before you, but if for some reason you die first, I don't think I'll go too young on my second wife. The next question you need to ask yourself is how much do you love "me time". Several months down the road, she's pregnant and can't go to work to support herself anymore. I've come across several individuals, whether it be an everyday Muslim, muathin (man who calls people to prayer), Imam, or da'ee (someone who encourages people to convert to Islam) or convert who wished he could have what Suleiman (AS) had which was 99 wives *Cue giddy school boy chuckle here*. Which is perfectly fine and understandable. How would you react? Not to mention since the advent of push notifications on cell phones and limitless technology to keep in touch, you’ll get constant messages from her while you are with your other wife that are important to respond to but not urgent. By Jean Gasho. Registered: 2+ years ago. The children are also disorderly. My problem my wife feels threatened by him now. Your “desire” for having more than one wife should therefore also translate into doing something for the greater good of society. Age: 18-21 18-25 21-28 25-32 28-35 32-40 35-45 40-50 45-55 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90 91+ Mimi at free online dating site All love is sweet : 39 : Aries : 4'9.5" 111 lb : Black : Important: is my life my life Can I ask you one thing? Q My wife and I are both about 50. An old Arabic proverb goes: “Homes are secret places.” It is a proverb that we still hear quite often. I don't really know many girls. Don’t put your wife, who according to the Quran you are supposed to treat with compassion, through that unnecessary distress. On the other hand, if you're female, I've heard things as bad as "I'd rather he cheats and just comes back home to me rather than have to deal with this other woman for the rest of my life!". Re: my wife and I are looking for a second wife with specific requirements, intereste assalaamu alaykum, akhi this is an islamic discussion forum, not a marriage forum but may Allah swt grant you success if this is good for you and your deen and put blessings in your … What should I look for in a wife? I want to spend the rest of my life contented.” We hear another man express that it is his right to experience sexual pleasure with more than one wife. Yes and No! You look like my second wife, and I’ve only been married once.
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