Der Chef der Franchise Destiny, Luke Smith, gesteht, man sei zweimal ausgeruscht und das aus rein kreativen Gründen - nicht weil Activision das wollte. Even though I think Lycan takes it too far sometimes, it's a pretty small issue and's reaction is not to scale. I think that is basically what you are experiencing in real time. Morally lucky PEPE. 104k members in the Destiny community. I'm cool with that. Ok so I will just take the leap here (and I'll ignore the recent takes): If I remember correctly, Destiny has previously said that his motivation behind his actions (the foundation of his morality) is his own pleasure or satisfaction. The point is: I think Joe Rogan is less transphobic than the typical normie, but I think he is a lot more transphobic than the typical normie found in other industrialized, more pro-trans nations. Yes I know I'm not pro at this game, or any game, but these are not my skillz you're watching. Around that same time an episode with Lohn Grillo, another journalist and author with a wealth of knowledge on the drug war in Mexico and the cartels. I bring this up to say: I really do think that Joe Rogan is transphobic in the most useful and specific sense of the word. I like chance more but morally lucky has a better ring to it. But as I see it, the reason we dont usually call him immoral and sometimes praise him (ignore recent twitter-drama) is because his objects of pleasure align more or less with our motivations and so we tend to ascribe virtue to him. Let's put that to rest right now. Not seen as a favor to anyone lol, Good post Lycan you often get undeserved hate. This dude literally landed at the point where he literally said "B-BUT WHAT IF JOE ROGAN IN HIS MIND IN THAT MOMENT ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT BIDEN HAD DEMENTIA, THEN IT WOULD MAKE SENSE FOR HIM TO VOTE TRUMP RIGHT DESTINY?". Diese ist aus Begeisterung für die Rasse und Liebe zu unserer Flora entstanden. However, the world obviously wouldn’t have such good things. 17.04.2020., Support for decriminalization of ALL drugs (I'm actually teetering on legalization, but I have some reservations). Lucky Pants is an exotic Hunter leg armor. I too get frustrated by how much he defends Train and stuff but it's important to have people that want to help others change their mind & give them the benefit of the doubt. That's not actually a non-transphobic argument, because he platforms and entertains the views of people that make claims that trans people and trans advocates are hurting people by blurring gender norms, deconstructing language norms, undermining pro-social norms, etc. "Grandpa, why were you such a cringelord manchild?". ***Comment about me conceding the JR/Biden point later on.... Re: the reply, you can see my sentiments about it in my reply to konjo1. Stop being a whiny bitch. Yep. If it's serious, is it warranted or is it just that gut reaction you're referring to? If ANYONE makes a bad joke or does something annoying or stupid, PepeMods is the response. Constitutive luck is luck in who one is, or in the traits and dispositions that one has. As a determinist I don't see how this makes sense. uuh I think I've said the same thing like 8 times I'm not good at explaining things. there is no place to stand outside of philosophy to tell him that his basically hedonistic axioms are "wrong", that's why they're axiomatic. Father: ÖCH SKCH SLOCH ÖJCH Gillian's Choice Colin Farrell Mother: CIE CH-HR-I Albarossa Lucky Destiny . If you want to go hard determinism memes, I think everyone in some vein is morally lucky. I don't know where the meme ends and the derisive comments start about me coming into discord (some of you say it's a joke, but some of you go out of your way to hammer it home and directly tell me your disdain). morally lucky. About • Contribute • Policies • Help • Administrators • Style Guide • Disclaimer As a gay man, Chen Liguo was so excited he shed tears of joy. If it's a joke, cool! Here is my experience: when chatting with Lycan in chat, I have NEVER felt he was bad faith. I'm almost always aware of when a joke doesn't land, when I'm not clicking with the group in call, that I will almost always falter if engaged in banter, and when chat is putting me on edge. 20 comments. 1 year ago. Those are three different things. No, you absolutely do not know that for a fact. Song: Bullet With A Name - Nonpoint Here are some of my luckiest moments in Destiny. Done. "tl;dr the pepemods are mean but (probably) truthful". Cookies help us deliver our Services. I can't speak for the chat obviously but I feel like you're kind of deluding yourself there. First, let's address Joe Rogan, since that's the crux of many things said in this thread. Destiny playing Just Chatting. It was pretty neat. Like imagine making that reach to defend joe rogan but not applying that SAME EXACT defense to leftie bernie bros as it could be used to justify their actions just as easily. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, People are more likely to read your post if you have a flair. Because they'll cling to anything they think justifies another candidate over theirs, including pretending he is as popular as they believe. Maybe if we want to change the fucked up things in the world, we should focus on having reachable goal incrementally, not testing what litterature everyone read. I think I remember on a podcast (don't know which one) Destiny said that he argues because it's fun to dismantle bad arguments or something to that effect. None of that is unreasonable, weaselly, flip floppy, or whatever dipshit ascription you apply to make it seem like I was just here to ride Joe's dick. As far as chat, I can't tell what's a joke, what's serious, and what's dumb ass group think where the REE's and PepeMods and "LYCAN OUT" get echoed just to farm the LULW's. Morally lucky PEPE. Dr. Sonja Übel and Suri very warmly! A lot of you seem to operate under the idea that I derive all my ideas from him. Honestly I'm pretty sure fucking Xintani would get less shit than he does if she were still around. Baronesse Lucky Destiny passed the therapy companion dog test today at the Messerli Institute (Veterinary University of Vienna) with flying colors. Hi Friends. Same with a float tank. Most Popular. Since our genes, care-givers, peers, and other environmental influences all contribute to making us who we are (and since we have no control over these) it seems that who we are is at least largely a matter of luck. True but only the most morally lucky people find themselves in circumstances that lead to moral grounding. To me atleast, being "morally lucky" is basically whenever you advocate for positions, or you believe in a certain ethical framework without really having it grounded in axiomatic beliefs. Plenty of people go to various information sources and learn. Posted by 7 months ago. Vote for it! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. For example, if we correctly blame someone for being cowardly or self-righteous or selfish, when his being so depends on factors beyond his control, then we have a case of constitutive moral luck. I choose to give that deference and charity because I see it as more productive. I don't think he's an opponent of lgbt, but to be fair, the comment section was a shitshow of course. The key difference between destiny and luck is that destiny affects our whole life whereas luck affects a single incident or event in our lives. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Lycan isnt morally lucky, he just isnt a philosophy nerd. User account menu. By definition someone that parrots transphobic comments (even after being corrected) over and over on a public platform is transphobic. Now, if Steve doesn't like me in the call, he can always tell me and that'll be that! [2020-04-04 15:39:03 UTC] cane: Lycan defend. 48. hide. That is just his forehead going all the way past his hairline, hes not actually bald. Also, when I saw the clip get used by Trump on Twitter, I called it out: Even if you accept causal determinism, you don't have to accept being morally lucky. This is called constitutive moral luck. We should be GRATEFUL to have somebody like him that actually tries to think not dogmatically. We always are the "morally lucky one" of a more boring nerd than ourself. I don't see Joe considering anything else unless a doctor came on and provided his medical reasoning why the clips do not appear the be dementia. ...I didnt think it could get worse than his mental gymnastics a few months ago trying to claim joe rogan isnt a transphobe but here we are. I'm not comfortable voting for him. I conceded a while ago that Joe Rogan makes problematic and transphobic. Unnecessary but context giving meme: I've always been an empathetic person. That way you help society. If you argue with a religious person, you don't say "your belief of X which you based on your faith is dumb because God doesn't exist." Zwei braune Curlyrüden suchen noch Lebensplätze! If you don't believe so, feel free to point it out in the comments. Luck comes from the three sisters of Greek mythology who predetermined the lives of all men while fate is regarded … Hub for all things Destiny (the streamer, not the game). The way a candidate makes a person feel when it comes time to vote is incredibly important and not every situation is going to get super rational treatment from an individual. When he first crossed over, Chen Liguo did not want to accept it. My criticism against you is more just rooted in when you tried out that new laugh of yours, the first few days the cringe was so painful, believe me, it was so bad on my end. Destiny®!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00568_00 Cool. Of course I know that people aren't rational. An emboldened belief that the drug war should be downsized to a fraction of it's current size and efforts, with the money being rerouted to rehabilitation facilities and policy change (same with prison money that only exists because of the drug war). Wouldn't that be considered moral luck? Joe believes he's senile/demented based on the clips of him fumbling hard. I have adamantly believed, since 2017, that I would support whatever democrat candidate is nominated, regardless of who they are. It's just bitching about this guy's take on me (which happens to be some of your takes on me) and my relationship with chat. Perhaps destiny depends on a lot of lucky events adding up to fulfill that destiny. Do you think I'm recommending that all candidates stop caring about optics because I flick my fingers and suddenly everyone turns into a hyperrational high-information voter machine? Lucky Destiny ist eine kleine Flat und Curly Coated Retriever Zucht in der Nähe von Wildon bei Graz. I do a good job understanding where people are coming from, even if they're making stupid or disagreeable statments. ***Whenever I read a Lycan tweet calling out lefties, it rarely has any substance or reasoning behind it. That never changed. People cared about how it felt to vote for Hillary vs Trump (on both sides). Of course I have fucking empathy for people living under a shit two party system, but I'm tired of all the fucks in 2016 who wrote about voting third party or 2020 who wrote about not voting at all, talking about this as if it's their fucking horoscope or new set of clothes that they are trying. The ONLY views I've taken from Joe himself are that psychedelics aren't "hard drugs" like I used to believe and now I want to try them. I'll admit, there are some people I've listened to and not done my due diligence, but when I saw myself believing these people at face value (i.e. I've been apart of this community and an acquaintance of Destiny for what's nearing 7 years, I believe. Destiny is a predetermined course of events that is often considered to be an irresistible power or agency. I mean,no one can really justify their axiuns right? I made one off-handed comment about Steve hosting me last summer. Noone cares that it feels "hard to vote for x person". Other than a little motivation to hit the gym more often, I'm not deriving views from Joe. I have no idea if this is true as I'm pretty sure no one know what Hasan was like pre TYT, perhaps he already had the same view before working at TYT, I don't know. The thread about me being morally lucky is absurd yet garnered a bit of traction here, I'd like to address it. 18.05.2020. Also, I'm not "pretty anti-SJW" in the "lycan hates progressives" kind of way. Welcome to the Destiny Wiki, the wiki about Destiny, an ongoing first-person shooter video game series developed by Bungie, where the players, known as Guardians, have been resurrected to fight the enemies of humanity, acquire epic loot, and become legend!. [2020-04-04 15:46:18 UTC] Lycan: Incinerated_Kids let's say, for discussion sake, we know for a fact Joe is declining rapidly, but he's the candidate come November. Yes, I shit on them for the dementia memes when they started ramping up around the last few debates. What feels like non-ironically over reacting to everything I say (i.e. Overall, I think that's a reasonable and objective way to digest the situation. I've always been bad about ingesting reddit/youtube feedback from The Late Game days and I carry that habit to Thats why nihilism always wins in the end babyyyyyyy. Bei Destiny wird die Unendlichkeit (Pocket Infinity) mit dem Zeitalter des Triumphs nicht zurückkehren. I think his follow up, if that's truly his main contention, is stupid. Loading... Unsubscribe from TwitchPP? Every time those characters appear you roll your eyes and sigh and pray they won't stay on screen for long. "Grandpa, what did you do to fight for our future?" For example "Bernie sanders is the ONLY future for the corrupt democrat party" I feel thats a statement I could EASILY see both bernie bros and joe rogan making. Response to Rems morally lucky post over at /r/destiny I am banned from there because Destiny is a little bitch who can't deal with people shitting on him when he is an idiot so I post it here. Which also seems absurd (if it's the reason) because I have integrity in my words and actions, I genuinely try to act in good faith, and I'm always open to new ideas and growth. So that would just play into the pleasure thing. All the fucking time. There is a clip of Joe Rogan talking about an Ave Venture movie scene and he called it super transphobic, noone agreed with him but he kept going. It was a march of freedom, a march to celebrate, a march to call for change. Durch unsere Welpen möchten wir viel Freude und Heiterkeit weitergeben. and Lycan would probably agree laugh and shit on bernie bros. Then wait a week or two and week 4 or 5 just tell Lycan the same exact statement but tell him joe rogan said it. But youre a good dude and I know one day you will get over the stage fright. 48 votes, 20 comments. ... SCUFFED podcast #27 with summit1g, destiny, XQC, asmongold, esfand, rajjpatel (VOD 02/07/19) - … It honestly feels like he's doesn't even know why he's so against the online far left, he just knows he doesn't like them. We do this all the time with our peers. It's not. Super tl;dr is that the OP made some really presumptive, uninformed, and mind-ready claims about me. save. Translated. And it's not even a good manifesto. Let's put that to rest right now. Lycan, do you think this manifesto will increase or decrease the amount of 'abuse' you get from DGG? Join Facebook to connect with Luck Destiny and others you may know. If you ask me, that's me listening to two experts talk in depth about some topics surrounding drugs and walking away with a more educated view point. In mid-2018, I discovered the Joe Rogan podcast and started binging every episode. ", That statement is NOT an implicit endorsement of Trump. Close. He pretty consistently deadnames trans people to make a point, fearmongers from a sample size of a handful to make sweeping generalizations about trans people in athletics (in general, focusing all of your concerns about trans athletics towards trans women in women's sports and virtually none of it towards trans men in women's sports shows that your concerns are derived from protecting cis people without really giving any meaningful consideration towards trans people), and in general says things about how he doesn't make meaningful distinctions between gender and sex. (, so does that mean every moral person is morally lucky or. The Hasan morally lucky meme was about how how Hasan does't haven't thought about the position he's taking, at least the philosophical consequences and the morality of it and he probably just have this strong view because he landed a job at TYT, and that's due to the connection he had. unless you're taking a sam harris-esque wellbeing = morality stance, you can't say that just because he'd cause harm to other people had he been raised differently, he would be acting in an immoral way. Hey Lycan, I generally respect what you've been doing these past several years, especially when I remember what you were like as far back as ~2013-2014 ish or so, being one of the few conservative people in the gaming space that were reasonable and not hateful, but instead held different values and got their perspective from those values. It's commentary on Joe. When it comes to the chat, though....ouf. I don't think you are a moral luck andy. Especially because you know none of them would say it to your face. Search. share. Voting against Trump during a planet-wide climate crisis should be the easiest choice of anyones life. Alle unsere Welpen haben einen guten Platz gefunden! He later clarified that after people made the assumption based of the January clip. And he's not saying it because he likes Trump. no, because i believe the term morally lucky Rem was using was stating that someone was in the circumstance purely because of their environment and upbringing and the people around them. I'm always happy to have some introspection and grow from it. News. Destiny and luck have a lot in common. If you haven't then you haven't used your moral luck to make compelling arguments or justifications for your positions. That would be crazy. (If it's the latter, that's a reasonable thing for me to question, no?). tl;dr the pepemods are mean but (probably) truthful, So in my post, I said a few things to specifically get ahead of what you're saying here (my bad if I was unclear). But that comment is more reasonably considered an endorsement or, at the very least, a promotion of Bernie than the comment at hand is of Biden. Destiny Herndon De La Rosa. What isnt boring is talking about moving our culture in a better direction. Harley Castro who’s popularly known in the “Destiny” community as LuCKyy 10p has announced that he already left Team Next Level. And he said "i would vote for Trump over him" - that's not an implicit endorsement or a vote for Trump. It is a good exercise for us to structure our rethoric. I still believe he's not an outright transphobe. is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers. It was sometime last fall that I came to that conclusion, but the Joe Rogan voting for Bernie meme didn't come out until January. video; trivia; popular; trending; random; Destiny Morales TikTok Star #10700. 1 Lore 2 Sources 3 Upgrades 3.1 Column 0 3.2 Column 1 3.3 Column 2 4 References This item has the following lore associated: Lucky Pants are rewarded after completing the Story Mission Riptide on Titan as a Hunter. Not really feeling too apologetic about that one. It’s not helpful because the very point of circumstantial moral luck would mean that him and Destiny are also morally lucky: knowing how to reason a position/ground your axioms just means you had circumstances in your life that make you able to ground your axioms. I remember this summer talking to him about trans rights and why gender isnt exactly the same as sex. Imagine you're watching a TV show you really like except for one or two characters. ", but I was more making an overall statement about apolitical people who proudly put their identity over political consequence and expecting people to clap and highfive them. Your Lucky Destiny stock images are ready. Outside of our bubble, people are way more like him than like me. SHRUGSTINY. Press J to jump to the feed. I have supported Bernie for a while. if they were different. You walk to the poll and fill out a form. Typing pepemods or telling you to leave the call when you join is incredibly mean. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. So it makes sense that a pragmatic person like myself might hate that cliche "SJW" approach to social politics. Or take JF, his fundamental axiom is propagating his dna, you could say chain-raping barely legal women logically follows. Speaking of the comments, let's handle a few of those from the thread.
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