There's not a lot of volume in this board, it's recommended for a better surfer and will be a bit harder to ride. JS's daily driver that you can rely on to grovel whenever necessary, but also enjoy some of the most fun & … $1,250.00. HYFI and PU. HYFI’s enhanced flex and mind-blowing speed combines with the Monsta Box’s versatility to create a board that flies down the line, springs through turns, and can be surfed in everything from average, everyday grovels to the most fun sessions you can imagine. A bold call for a man with many a hot stick in his quiver. But, when the waves get good, it was at home in those conditions, too. Variety is the spice of life and Craig finally branched out and tried a new set of fins in the Monsta Box – the Futures Fins F8’s. It still holds its own and it has a lot of float and drive in your average conditions. I got the Monsta Box as after riding so many epoxy boards lately I wanted to come back to a PU just for a change of pace. Shop online for $49 shipping NZ-wide. This gives it well blended curves to hide foam where you need it, without getting in the way of performing at a high level. This is the JS Industries Monsta Box Surfboard Review + Futures F8 Fins…and, yes, Craig thought it was better than sliced bread. It went well in all conditions that were thrown to me, and I must say, if I didn’t have a bunch of different boards and only could go to one, this would be the one, at the moment, that I would be looking at. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de Cookies ou autres traceurs pour vous proposer des publicités ciblées adaptés à vos centres d’intérêts et réaliser des statistiques de visites. I must say with the Monsta Box, it’s really held its own in all conditions. Sale price $0.00. Subscribe Here. Une board pour se caler sous la lèvre dans les meilleures conditions que tu puisses rencontrer sur ton home spot et en voyage, mais aussi envoyer des turns serrés et appuyés dans les conditions moyennes. $1,250.00. Jason had the likes of Joel Parkinson, Adrian Buchan, Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, Mikey and more all direct the enhancements, taking the revered Monsta outline to the next level. | Weight: 93 kg It rides like you have cheat codes on. In this episode I put the JS Monsta Box 2020 through the paces. Enjoy this? I’ve had the board now for a while, and I was actually able to take it overseas recently. See all our JS Industries surfboards available for sale here. It’s a really simple bottom curve and it works really well with this shape. While he struggles to mask his excitement in this surfboard review, Craig privately shared that this is, in fact, his favourite board right now. We surfed a wave not too dissimilar to that, but not quite that good. The Monsta Box has a really simple, single concave under the front foot which flows through a really light double concave through the fins. Thick: 2 9/16. JS calls the Monsta Box their Daily Driver for those 2-4+ days which would be in between your high performance surfboard Monsta 6 and small wave Groveler Blak Box 2. (2) Reviews Write a Review The Monsta Box 2020 Squash Tail HYFI has a fairly low rocker, new concave and a thinner outline. Swallow Tail (HYFI Tech) 5'8" x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 (25.6L) Squash Tail (HYFI Tech) 5'8" x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 (25.6L) My height 5'9" My Weight: 160 lb or 72.57 kg Fins I recommend for this board: Large Raked Fins: Al Merrick Template Has great drive down the line. Model: Monsta Box. Previous page; Page 1 … This is a hybrid of a really high-performance board. I'm 5'11, 180lbs, and a decent surfer. I surf large fins so shouldn’t be a prob but I think this is more suited to a summer shredder than a winter warrior. Gather unique surfboard model insights and feedback, while learning more about the JS Industries Monsta Box 2020 Squash Tail. JS's new shape is the result of almost a decade of feedback and refinement between surfer and shaper. I went over to Sumatra, into Indonesia. JS Monsta Box 2020. My Feedback: The JS Monsta Box is a small wave performance model. Slam Dunk. 3 years ago. + Draws elements of the Monsta 3 high performance shortboard and Blak Box 2 everyday all rounder to create an exciting all around performance shortboard As a 40-something year old grommet with 30 years of surfing under the belt, I’ve got an insatiable hunger to surf as well as I can before the inevitable decline of aging sets in for good. Shop a huge range of JS Industries surfboards at Backdoor now. The tail is wide however pulled in enough to create a great balance of responsiveness and forgiveness. As the name suggests the MonstaBox Hyfi is actually a hybrid creation, made from the pairing of two of JS's global faves – the Monsta 6 and Blak Box 2. This video is about JS Surfboards Monsta Box in the hyfi construction. Super lively fun board. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Regular price. By: Marc in het Panhuis on: 13/12/2016. But as it comes through to the nose, it’s a lot knifier through the nose. The Monsta Box has a really simple, single concave, and it comes through a really light double through the fins. JS Monsta Box 2020 is the ideal board for all conditions JS Monsta Box 2020 is the ultimate performance board and so an ideal board for all conditions. Regular price. | skill: Experienced, Age: 24 I’m riding a 6’4 x 20 ¾ x 2 ¾ coming in at 38.8L. Perfectly blended curves to hide volume in all the right places while remaining incredibly quick and reactive. This board has a low to medium entry rocker and a low tail rocker. It's the perfect go-to performance board for average-good conditions when you want to be able to surf with ease. JS Industries HYFI Raging Bull. Channel Islands Rocket Wide Surfboard Review, Christenson Mescaline (x Tomo) Surfboard Review. The following two tabs change content below. A smooth single to double concave creates lift in sub-par conditions but allows you to remain in control when the waves turn on. Our unbiased reviews are used by shapers, surfers and the global surfing community to learn, advance and refine all round surfboard design. I've been waiting for this board ... had a Monsta 3 and unfortunately snapped it and then bought a t - low (channel islands). The JS Industries Monsta Box Surfboard model at 5’10 x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8 at 28.7 L’s. The most commonly asked questions here are about Surfboard Volume and there is a lot of misunderstanding about this concept. Overall, regarding pros and cons of the board, I must say it is one of probably the better all-around boards I’ve ridden. $1,079.00. Free Shipping available Australia wide! Aspects of this portal are patented, patent-pending, or patent-applied-for. JS – Monsta Box. MONSTA 2020 - EASY RIDER. Surfing some of the beaches and the reefs around Krui I think I was in that area of South Sumatra. Awesome board, had it in most conditions now and goes great, feels light and responsive and easy to get into waves, stoked! MONSTA BOX is two of my favorite boards rolled into one! When you stand up the board has so much speed off take off. How To Get it Right? - Shaper & Riders Series: My Favourite Board. Thanks for watching the review, and hopefully you can check out the Monsta Box by JS Surfboards. It brings the wider outline of the Blak Box 2 and the narrower performance shape of the Monsta 3 together, to provide a really all-around performance board. Length: 6 ft 1. Ridden 2-3 inches shorter and wider than its big brother, the Bullseye is built to keep you catching a Tail Shape: Square. This things can get you up and going with ease on almost nothing, speed is no issue and it doesn’t mind laying into a rail on the better days. You’ll see in the footage, we got some pretty average waves and it feels fine to ride as much as those stumpy, squashed down hybrids. Width: 20. | skill: Advanced, Age: 39 Monsta Box JS Industries : Surfboard review The Monsta Box shaped by JS Industries is a mix between Monsta 8 and Black Box 2. The world's best, in fact. Let's talk about it in the, Surfboard Volume Debunked: The Monsta Box 2020 in Hyfi is our most popular hybrid, and now it’s better than ever. JS INDUSTRIES. | Weight: 65 kg From what I understand, the Monsta Box is a combination of the Monsta 3 and the Blak Box 2. Join us on our journey of riding and reporting on the best boards we can find from the best shapers (both big name and underground) on the planet. It’s a board that goes really well in probably anything that’s quite flat and average – your local beach break conditions – to some of the steeper, suckier, more performance waves. Planche performance par excellence, la Monsta box est une board idéale pour toutes les conditions. I couldn’t really find any cons of the board. A lot of people are saying it’s the one-board quiver, and I must say it is. I have the 6 x 19.75 x 2.5 stock dims and I gotta say this board feels good. This is the combo of the Black Box and the Monsta. | Weight: 70 kg Gather unique surfboard model insights and feedback, while learning more about the JS Industries Monsta Box 2020 Squash Tail. Features. Unit price / per . HYFI MONSTA BOX 2020. | Height:181 cm For some of the surfs in those local beaches that are generally not great, but they do turn on from time to time, the Monsta Box will be the go. The folks at JS Send him two Stock Boards Review. Become a more informed surfer. $1,250.00. Monsta 8 surfboard is a performance shortboard while Black Box 2 is a groveller type shortboard. Thanks. It really complements the outline and it’s nothing too crazy, but it just seems to work really well. I recommend! Surfed in in had high sucky conditions yesterday ... was great then knee to waist height today and it ripped ... had it for about a month n a bit ... so good (intermediate - to advanced skill level), Copyright © 2020 Compare Surfboards All Rights Reserved Sitemap Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact Us. It is quite a generous plan shape with its foam distribution but not overly generous. My name is Benny and I have a surfboard problem. A board to wedge under the lip in the best conditions that you can meet on your home spot and while traveling, but also send tight and supported turns in … + The JS Monsta Box features really simple bottom concaves that compliment the shape well JS Industries HYFI Bullseye. | skill: Experienced, Age: 38 I thought I would just want an array of true high performance shortboards with lots of rocker and performance tuned outlines. I took five boards and this was the board I rode for the majority of the time. JS's daily driver that you can rely on to grovel whenever necessary, but also enjoy some of the most fun & rippable conditions imaginable. For the chance to win a FREE Surfboard, submit a review by searching for the surfboard and click "Write a review"! | Height:178 cm The board has a somewhat straight and gentle outline, the wide point being fairly central. Shaper: JS. ... incorporating two of the most popular models from the past couple of years; the Blak Box and the Monsta.
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