Weekly Fishing Report. The lake level at Bull Shoals fell 1.1 feet to rest at 1.2 feet below seasonal power pool of 659 feet msl. The grasshopper bite is still going on. Your purchase of a Fishing License helps support the AGFC’s work in maintaining the fishing resources throughout the state. Dark-colored jigs in the same places worked methodically through brush will pick up bites in calm conditions. On the slow days, an indicator with a Y2K with a midge/nymph dropper will catch fish. As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation was 342.38 feet msl (normal pool: 342.0 feet msl). * Crappie: No report. There is a lot of bedrock that can get very slick. Try a half-ounce jig in green pumpkin orange, green pumpkin blue, or a green pumpkin orange shaky head. Target a depth of 4-5 feet off the rocks using minnows. The ice still measures around two feet thick with edges getting a little soft on warm days. “This makes fishing tough but we were able to fish the deeper water with small midge pupa with some success. It had been relatively easy to fish two half-days at the same spot but it got a bit busier when I had to fish two different areas that were 24 miles apart (those are river miles). The use of herbicides is necessary to control the current problems with alligatorweed and other invasive vegetation species that have infested the lake, restricting access to boathouses, ramps and fishing locations and hindering native wildlife and fish populations. A handful of their fish ate black/chartreuse 1/16oz Specktacular jigs. “Please wear your life jackets at all times from this point on! No catfish report. Crappie are also good below Terry Lock and Dam. Last year, the river was closed to fishing.  The lower end of the lake is turning over, but this will have little effect on the fishing up in the Little River or Savannah River. Just in time for the cold weather to arrive, here are some fresh fishing reports to keep you abreast of the changing patterns out there as our North Georgia sportfish adjust to the long-delayed cooldown. NOTE: Employees and contractors with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission conducted herbicide applications to Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir through September. Water level remains high, but Lake Charles has a planned drawdown coming (see above note). On the first drift, we landed two nice rainbows. Fishing a 3 fly rig is new to me but it had worked well the previous afternoon. the Spring River is navigable.  The same patterns continue to work completely dependent on current conditions. Capt. LAKE LANIER IS 1 FT BELOW FULL, LOW 60S, CLEARING. Contact the reporter for the lake or stream you plan to fish for current news. (updated 10-21-2019) Mark Crawford with springriverfliesandguides.com (870-955-8300) said water levels are running at 300 cfs (350 cfs is average) and water clarity has been clear. Try using minnows, Rooster Tails, jerbaits or rattle-style baits. With the trout cranks, the rainbow and brown trout colors are the best. The fish are very selective and spooky, so the presentation and fly selection become very important. The hot spot has been Rim Shoals. Many manufacturers are now making rubber soles that are easier to clean and are not as likely to harbor didymo. With that being said, I will be keeping track of the bite from other sources. Release at Dardanelle Lock and Dam had been sparse and flowed between nothing and 28,000 cfs until it rained. Lake temps are still falling due to rain and significant temperature drops. Call the Fish Lake Lodge at (435) 638-1000 before you go to check on current conditions and get up-to-date fishing reports. Add a dropper (size 14 pheasant tail nymph) to increase your catch. Last quarter moon is December 7th. (updated 10-28-2020) Boxhound Marina (870-670-4496) said the bad weather has chased away most if not all of the anglers. Water level is low. In December, staying up on the bait pods is key for catching fish. are excellent around the Burns Park area. We have also been throwing jerkbaits and A-rigs but have not had any luck. As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 1,118.92 feet msl (normal conservation pool: 1,120.43 feet msl). “This week's hot spot has been between Spider Creek and Bertrand Access. hybrid striper, Jim Harris Snook don't like … Brown trout have begun moving into the creek. (updated 10-28-2020) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) had no reports. Try using minnows, Rooster Tails, jerbaits or rattle-style baits. He then started flinging Dura-Spins for bowfin and didn’t catch any casting, but caught them well by trolling. Try a pheasant tail size 14 below a cerise San Juan worm.  Areas with combinations of depth, rock, docks, and brush should be worked thoroughly for multiple bites. Weekends can be pretty busy. John’s favorite fly is a western pink lady size 8. No. the river flow is 18,000 cfs and about normal level and lightly stained. The water can rise very quickly. (Fishing report courtesy of Hunter Roop, fisheries biologist, with help from Region Staff and local experts). Fishing the southeast-facing slopes should offer some protection from the wind as if you’re hunting mountain jewels up high. (updated 10-28-2020) Zimmerman’s Exxon (501-944-2527) reported that crappie are excellent around the Burns Park area.  The fishing pier has continued to produce some good mixes of crappie, bream and a catfish every now and then. The most productive flies have been small midge patterns (sizes 18, 20, 22) like ruby midges, root beer midges, zebra midges (black or red with silver wire and silver bead) and soft hackles (sizes 14, 16) like the Green Butt. De Queen Lake Sunset Lake Black bass are good; topwaters will still get some action, but also try plastic worms or minnows. Crappie are eating well. This is the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report for Oct. 28, 2020.  They will also cover deeper ranges well.  Fish the crank bait with a pause retrieve on a long cast that quarters or nearly parallels the bank.  Some folks are jigging spoons around congregations of bait as well. wildlife and their habitats while promoting sustainable use, public understanding and support. Flow at the Terry Lock and Dam was 30,483 cfs. Catfish made an appearance, with reports of fair catches on chicken liver. With some of the rain we have received over the last few days,, the river level should go up some, but do not expect it to stick around long. South Florida Weekly Fishing Report - Dec. 3, 2020. Use redworks or crickets. Jigs and minnows are the go-to. Curtis Willingham of River Rat Bait (870-231-3831) says the clarity is muddy and the lake level is low. (updated 10-21-2020) Fish ’N Stuff (501-834-5733) in Sherwood says the brown trout bite is getting better on jerkbaits, maribou jigs and Trout Magnets. Property owners with piers and boathouses on the lake have this period to get their last repairs done before the lake will begin filling up. (updated 10-28-2020) Lou Gabric at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort had no report. They followed me over to the Rim Shoals Ramp. Target a depth of 4-5 feet off the rocks using minnows. For a copy of the AGFC Land Use Policy or a permit for a new fishing pier or boathouse, or for any other questions, please call biologists Allison Asher or Brett Timmons at 877-972-5438. It was a stout 24-inch brown. We went back to the ramp and we both headed home. Use a shorter leader and bang the bank. Each lake will fall 6 inches per day with this process complete by Nov. 11. (updated 10-28-2020) Jason Baumgartner, park aquarist at Lake Dardanelle State Park (479-890-7495), said there have been no angler reports in the past week at the state park. “We are experiencing days without generation and days with significant generation. 4 oz. this past week they saw a major cool down of Norfork Lake. “That complicated my life a bit. The topwater bite continues to linger, and we’ve caught some on walking baits, like a Zara Spook Jr., Evergreen SB and a Berkley Cane Walker. Saw some skates (fish with wings but not necessarily a tail like the stingrays) which chased my lure a few times but didn't bite, saw it swimming towards shore and then away. Bass have been good on Rat-L-Traps, square-bill crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jerkbaits. A few. The lake is still murky as usual and the surface water temperature Sunday morning was 62 degrees. Numbers will be picking up as the weather cools and the Threadfin shad get balled up out in deep water. Not much on the rise but nymphs can be hot. I then move off into deeper waters and fished the channel edge. Skunked as usual but was there only for an hour so didn't mind the good weather and fun of casting over and over again. If the weather turns off cold, we will start switching over to trout pulled on boards. After the prey fish have established a base over the next year or so, predator fish such as largemouth bass and crappie will then be stocked. Trout are some awesome baits to be pulling in the cool water. (updated 10-21-2020) Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters says this past week they saw a major cool down of Norfork Lake. “Nightcrawlers and red wigglers have been flying off the shelves as they've proven successful for many of our bank anglers; sculpins continue to get some attention from the browns but as the spawn begins the browns will try to ignore your bait. Stripers have been on hard bottom points in the main river and show beds; Rat-L-Traps, swimbaits and chatterbaits with a scam shad trailer have been working well. (updated 10-28-2020) Del Colvin at Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock says the Army Corps of Engineers has been slightly slowing the generation and the shad are getting balled up more. I was concerned and running out of time. Hopefully the weather is going to stable and the fishing will get better, because right now it’s fishing as tough as it is in August when it’s hot.”, LAKE HARTWELL IS FULL, 60S, AND SLIGHTLY STAINED. Some reports have surfaced of them being found in 15-20 feet off drops and rocky banks Use jigs.  Fish relating to such areas may be as shallow as 5 to 6 feet due to the shade offered by docks.  At the same time, you may find them in 20 foot of water.  The cold fronts will slow the action this week.Â, LAKE SINCLAIR IS DOWN 4.6 FEET, STAINED 60’S, LAKE JACKSON IS .68 FEET OVER FULL CLEAR 60’S. “I fished both Bennett's Bayou and above the Missouri line. They both have large drainages and are prone to flooding during and following any rain event. PARADISE PUBLIC FISHING AREA (near Tifton, more info HERE). He pitched sallies for just a few minutes to see if they were biting and caught 2 (one on yellow and one on pink). Beaver Lake fell 0.5 foot to rest at 1.6 feet below seasonal power pool and 11.2 feet below the top of flood pool.The White had light generation overnight and moderate generation during the day and no wadable water. We were fishing a girdle bug below a cerise San Juan worm and a midge dropper. (updated 10-14-2020) The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Bass Fishing Team said water temperatures are in the low 70s. Catfishing is good trolling on Bandits, Road Runners, perch and black salties. I thought that I had it figured out. (870-295-4040), says there has been very little fishing activity. Black bass are scattered from eating on top and roaming down to 70 feet, and being caught a variety of ways and on a variety of baits. I mean, the big guy has to have a hobby too, right? He agreed. The level is low, as the Corps of Engineers is turning off the flow from the dam. Visibility is less than 6-8 inches in most places. All Corps of Engineers lake and river readings were taken at 10 a.m. the day of publication. Upriver is clear, mid-river is stained and the lower river is semi-dirty, with a lot of back water being dirty. The water level on Sunday was 121.0 feet (just getting in the good range). It took about 10 minutes to get it to the net. Fishing should be good, though, this week as the moon times indicate best fishing should occur through Nov. 3.  The cold fronts will slow the action this week.Â.  Expect these fish to be roaming in and out along the shallow rocky areas and a variety of baits will catch these fall bass. Norfork Lake fell 0.3 foot to rest at 0.4 foot above seasonal power pool of 553.75 feet msl and 26.6 feet below the top of the flood pool. It took quite a while to land. This is the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report for Oct. 28, 2020. Black bass are fair. The 5-foot drawdown will remain in place until March 1, 2021, when the refilling process is scheduled to begin. The topwater bite has slowed drastically.” The bite is picking up where there are cooler temperatures. The reported lake elevation at Table Rock Lake was 914.22 feet msl (normal conservation pool: 917.00 feet msl). The Fishing Reports focus on how Carlyle Lake is performing for the week. The water temps are returning to cold enough conditions to induce hypothermia. The fish position will change depending on sun, wind, current, clouds, etc. A crankbait fished in shallow water can get a response, while topwater baits, buzzbaits and drop-shots all worked this week. Use redworms or crickets. With the trout cranks, the rainbow and brown trout colors are the best. The hot flies were olive Woolly Buggers (sizes 8, 10), Y2Ks (sizes 14, 12), prince nymphs (size 14), zebra midges (black with silver wire and silver bead or red with silver wire and silver bead sizes 16, 18), pheasant tails (size 14), ruby midges (size 18), root beer midges (size 18), pink and cerise San Juan worms (size 10), and sowbugs (size 16). I’ve not seen any fish breaking or chasing bait.  A Shad Rap is hard to beat. Load up your sleigh…I mean your vehicle of choice…and head out to Go Fish Georgia! September 29, 2020 Check out the latest Flathead Catfish Survey Results from September at Pleasant and Bartlett Lakes The Arizona Game and Fish Department conducted their annual Flathead Catfish electrofishing survey the week of September 13.  Slow presentations will be important to success with jigs and cranks as well. See our “DH University” tips in our November Angler magazine column (see “sophomores and juniors” link above). USGS gauge data will be especially useful late Saturday and Sunday for folks pursuing trout or other river residents over the weekend, and just keep in mind that the time return to baseflows will be slightly longer this time of year since our soils are already saturated and dormant winter vegetation is little-to-no help to remove any excess water.
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