For 100% use. Noticethat the data displayed on thesetables is only valid for single anchors wit h distance to edge bigger that c cr – for other cases not covered, use PROFIS Anchor software or consult ETA-13/1036. 2) See ICC-ES ESR-1970 for replacement parts. ETA, WRC and Fire Rated approvals. Hilti Injectable Adhesive Anchors - Hilti HIT-HY 200-A - Ultimate-performance injectable hybrid mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring Related products. Shear Loads towards a free edge for all embedment depths are for single anchors where Spacing ≥ 3 x Edge Distance Epoxy Resin Page 2 of 6 Version 4 Grade 8.8 Zinc Plated Studs Performance Data (C20/25 Uncracked Concrete) Thread Diam Characteristic Resistance Design Resistance Approved Resistance Design Spacing Design Edge Distance mm kN kN kN mm mm Tensile Shear Tensile Shear Tensile … RED HEAD A7+ is a high-strength, fast-cure adhesive that is designed to securely anchor threaded rod and rebar to cured concrete and masonry. 2. cac = hef (τk,uncr/1,160)0.4 x … Explanation: Tapcons cut threads into the base material. …. A reduction in nominal capacity is recommended for both fully and partially bonded anchors spaced closer than 8 inches. Note these loads are tested at 1-3/4” with shear parallel to the edge of the concrete, so no reduction factors need to be applied. �(�>x'q�؍�ۿ�3�%�v�x�)kx�vf���r5�OV����d�O��bT֋�[9.�#�d�U%�����Gi�ddp������׏�(/����R�uz�4���ǫ�b.>|�����P�!KB. Effective embedment depth is the overall depth through which the anchor transfers force to or from the surrounding concrete. The Crete-Flex screw is manufactured from a 410 stainless steel for The depth of holes is 10, 15 and 20 times that of the anchor diameter. Moisture Considerations MINIMUM EDGE DISTANCE (IN.) Explanation:  The extra depth of the hole will ensure that the anchor does not bottom out and will allow space for any dust that may be created in the drilling process. Rule: Mechanical type anchors should not be set a minimum of 5 anchor diameters from an unsupported edge. …, Purchase Concrete Screws Resin anchors exert no setting stresses into the base material so may be set much closer than many other types but they still rely on a volume of base material to transfer the applied load so, as with all anchors, the manufacturer's data must be followed. Quick Curing Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive . The information presented in this table is to be used in conjunction with the design criteria of ACI 318-14 and ACI 318-11. See footnote 2 Minimum Edge Distance cmin in. C6+ EPOXY Maximum strength epoxy for your most heavy-duty and specialty applications . If tension is applied to the anchor, ca1 is the minimum edge distance. �ËHE�8i6Y @� Most Versatile – ... Spacing and Edge Distance: NOMINAL ANCHOR DIAMETER (IN.) edge distance cmin [mm] 40 45 55 65 90 120 Min Base thickness hmin [mm] 110 120 140 170 220 270 Tensile NRd endstream endobj startxref 1231 E. 26th St Rule: Concrete fasteners should not be set closer than 10-anchor diameters from each other. 3.2.7 HIT-RE 500 Epoxy Adhesive Anchoring System .....178 3.2.8 HIT-ICE Adhesive Anchoring System .....195 3.2.9 HIT-HY 20 Adhesive System for Masonry Construction.....214 3.2.10 HVA Capsule Adhesive Anchoring System.....224. The many considerations for choosing the proper cement screw to use for an Edge & End Distance Load toward edge Load away from edge 1/4" 2-1/2 2 1-1/2 3/8" 3-3/4 3 2 1/2" 5 4 3 5/8" 6-1/4 5 4 3/4" 7-1/2 6 5 7/8" 9 7 6 1" 10 7 6 EDGE AND SPACING DISTANCES Anchoring too close to an edge or placing anchors too close to one another can decrease performance. Explanation:  Drilling into concrete, brick or block requires that the material is broken up and removed from the hole. 17. h�bbd``b`>$g��X �:D�w�� Prior to installing a wood floor, the building sh See next rule for the exception to this rule. Rule: Each anchor has a minimum embedment to which it must be placed in order to create the holding values for the anchor. ��)��,�����@%��bA�چ����Y�@)�rb ɓ�@X� ��'�� b ph�0�39 ��t1�2�``�r���"q�`���m6J;�h�9��ncp�Hmc�_��W��B�}����=xL~d�mQŨ ` �Y�7
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