In the manga Rini thought of Helios as her future prince. The king explains he didn't want to break them up, but with the challenges ahead, their love … I think though it was supposed to be like...somewhat metaphorical. In the manga, Helios lacked some of the power he possessed in the anime, as he did not carry the Golden Crystal and could not use its power. Menu. I love this couple! Since this club is representative of many people, I cannot afford to give into flame bait. As I commented to Pan Gargarin, this club is propaganda--all DA clubs are some form of propaganda. The two are meant for one another. As in they get married or are dating or whatever? Or could it be problematic since he is half animal too? I think their ages match... Yeah, but Helios is WAY older then Chibiusa. Latest reviews. Oh, my! Granted this was not a mutual kiss, but I wouldn't go so far as to say no kiss at all. I always noticed this when I first watched as a child, Not really, it was more like a first love for her, Would you say they were the same age? Chibi Jennifer April 29, 2010 at 6:02 pm # heee thanks ^_^!! I don’t know I felt that had it been possible, It could have blossomed into a nice romance. Since no one else has said anything here, it seems like I'm the only one who's bothered by it. A subreddit for fans of the Sailor Moon franchise. It was playing into the common (and for all I know inaccurate) stereotype of young girls adoring horses. 100% Upvoted. I don't really have anything to add except that I agree with everything Yumecosmos has said, and that if you do not consider removing the controversial statements, I will respectfully leave the club. ChibiUsa and Helios . By the time they reach Chibiusa's future, they're back together. Favorite Answer . Register. Original creators with respect for creators are the only ones who are going to be allowed to submit to this group. Though Chibusa acts like a small child, she’s hundreds of years old by the time she’s introduced to the story. 4 Answers. Its … Helios was the guardian of Elysion and the Golden Crystal. Because he and Chibiusa bonded over days/months, and built a relationship over time that was really worth it in the end … Chibiusa/Helios; Tsukino Chibiusa; Helios (Sailor Moon) Summary. How effective it was I leave to others to elaborate upon. And he will literally show up whenever and wherever you are if you ask him to. Upon reflection, I think I owe you an apology for making such a big deal over this whole Queen-Lady issue. Helios and Chibiusa wouldn't last. As in an innocent and childish form of love. but he should have gotten someone. Chibiusa and Helios one! 7/8/2010 #9: SnarkyPenname. Home. AzalieFinrandi. I think I commented once before in a fit of anger. As the first ending song for SuperS said 'baby, baby love'. However Naoko Takeuchi did include Helios in the manga. Have a Picture of Chibiusa/incarnations thereof in your favorites AND Helios TOGETHER in your favorites. Is Helios the perfect match? Ex : "faire référence à" Nice Job on this I love Helios fact sheet ^^. Menu Should Helios and Chibiusa end up together in Crystal? 0 comments . Anonymous. Answer Save. But, like most others, I’m for Helios. We’re Rini/Chibiusa and Helios/Pegasus supposed to end up together? So the story starts at the end of Sailor moon super S, Helios leaves Chibiusa, end of the real story. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up… However, he was the guardian of the Earth and Elysion, and by extension, Prince Endymion/Mamoru Chiba. The manga hints that Rini/Chibiusa and Helios would end up together. :3. What's new. In the manga Rini thought of Helios as her future prince. It's driving me nuts! Definitely a great way to spread the CxH love. The music is Not a Bad Thing by … end up doing [sth] v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." [SUBBED BY KissAnime] I get the whole giving her his power but it seemed cliche and augmented to the whole “romantic couple” at least for me! Reply. Neo Queen Serenity sent her daughter Chibi-Usa to the distant past once again, this time to celebrate her fourteenth birthday. Aug 7, … ^_^ A lot of the same fans that want her male, also want to "marry him". There's no denying it. New posts. Reply. (eventually have to do) finir par faire [qch] loc v locution verbale: groupe de mots fonctionnant comme un verbe. He kinda swished them around at first, drowning them in saliva and even crushing some of them against the top of his … It was funny that you did a conversation on how Helios’s name is pronounced. xD. I unleashed my anger at the wrong person. hide. ), No hard feelings were ever felt on my half. Aiolos Sagitter 42,438 views. XD, And Peruru has his duties that take him more places than being a Sailor Senshi. Fun is also, that Helios and Selene/Queen Serenity, the Moon goddess are probably siblings, like in the greek Mythology. I did my research. Beyond that I cannot convert haters of a couple--you can just pass this club by. Makoto Kino and Motoki furuhata end up together too, Usagi and mamoru end up together, Sailor neptune and Sailor venus too, Chibusa (Rini) ends up marrying Helios, that's all I know currently 12:19. I felt really kind of sorry for Peruru. I love the colors and the dreamy quality of this piece. As the Earth, Helios, and Mamoru's spirits were tied together… This club, while it represents an idea, does NOT represent the full fanship of Helios and Chibiusa, so if you have objections to encounters outside of this club, I cannot help you. I want to see them get together! Sailor Moon R Is that more clear? share. Reply. ^_^, Full-Fairy form Peruru is so pretty though. I'll probably do a fiew more like this one, with the children of couples that were in the Series, the Movies or the Manga. Wait so they kissed thrice in anime and twice in manga? Erm....Peruru got a peck on his cheek. Image size. Does Rini end up with Helios in the end? You had nothing to do with the virus one *rabid Helios-supporting* deviant sent to me. Please remember to read in the sidebar, and please read The Sailor Moon FAQ There, too before asking common questions such as 'Where can I watch Sailor Moon' or 'Where can I read the Manga'. 5 Fans Supported: Chibiusa Tsukino And Helios. Her dreams are full of a magical being named Pegasus during the “Dream” arc of the franchise. The Japanese have it differently because of how their katakana is. Chibiusa (ちびうさ, Chibiusa or Chibi-usa, renamed Rini in some English adaptations) is a fictional character from the Sailor Moon manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi.She is one of the main characters of the series. There is a difference between being constructive in your criticisms, and trying to launch your anger at a club that serves to exist to support a pairing because of sour encounters you may have had outside of this club. I Momenti Più Belli Di Helios E Chibiusa (seconda parte) - Duration: 12:19. Aug 23, 2014. Their personalities match so well. ~♥ Reply. And there is a line in the anime that shows that Seiya was originally female. I feel bad about that, and I apologize. Still sweet. They are totally meant to be together, but the anime series teases us and Helios ends up having to leave in the end. Forums. If I could draw better, I would be shipping them like crazy. Whether or not you're right about the Quartetto thing is moot. This might very well be my favorite drawing of these two. helios only leaves rini for now cuz she's 8 so they can't get married or anything but they will in the future :P. they are soo cute together… "Assumed this form to find you [Kakyuu]" It's cited on the wikipedia page (I added that reference...). That's why Chibiusa needs someone like Peruru. I completely the understand especially now that I’m older - but what would you say about the kiss he gives her in the finale? I will … Helios isn't affectionate enough for her. It is Helios! NiRo~luff April 27, 2010 at 1:15 pm # Lawl…I love this. Press J to jump to the feed. Why? You can ignore it. I always noticed this when I first watched as a child. At least in my opinion. DISCLAIMER: I do not own this video, it belongs to the creators of Sailor Moon. Then I suppose it is counterproductive. Beyond that, it's homophobia or a projection of themselves onto Usagi and what they would want for themselves rather than what's best for the character. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. I'm surprised how many shipping clubs have little to no info on their couple. As the Earth, Helios, and Mamoru's spirits were tied together, when Nehellenia invaded Elysion and imprisoned its guardian, Mamoru fell ill. Helios was looking for … "Chibiusa Picture Diary Hammer Price Shrine". Everything should follow copyright law. GAY!! yep they do in the future. Helios x Chibiusa = Heliusa??? Thread starter Swan Cat; Start date Jun … I gave exception to the previous Yumecosmos because she was the former owner of the club, and she had legit concerns based on the club itself. Actually, I have moved on and that's why I'm apologizing. I will … Reply. Chibiusa and Helios are so precious!! I don't mind an exchange of opinions or ideas as long as it is civilized and both parties learn something from it. Thank you for this. Only in principle because I worry about offending people. When they learn future Mamoru, King Endymion was responsible, Tuxedo Mask is pretty furious. :3 I love his rainbow shimmery wings. New posts. Who do you think Chibiusa could end up with in the future? (And like I said, I don't even disagree on the specifics. I couldn’t tell. Helios did just that, opening up his mouth as Chibiusa moved her hand full of people towards it. In the English versions, Chibiusa does not say 'Make up' … But I really have some questions about this pairing and I'm looking for legitimate answers. However, he was the guardian of the Earth and Elysion, and by extension, Prince Endymion/Mamoru Chiba. Because....what the heck they seemed like they loved eachother? DA may have taken down the policing, but hell if I'm going to. Also that scene where Helios is talking to prince Darien, Darien asks or makes a remark to which Helios thinks of rini instantly (which I forget why). He most likely wouldn't be able to understand most of her problems.
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