Experts debate chocolate milk in public schools. The study looked at milk consumption in 11 Oregon elementary school cafeterias in which chocolate milk had been banned. Chili, N. Y. The Institute of Medicine encourages serving chocolate milk in schools, but has recommended that schools switch to fat-free chocolate milk, which has hardly more calories than white 1 percent milk. This divide among experts helps fuel what often turns out to be highly charged debates over chocolate and flavored milk in schools. Removing chocolate milk from school cafeterias has been promoted over the last few years as a way to reduce the sugar kids consume and decried as a … Their research was excellent and both sides cited studies. In 2010, the dairy industry’s national marketing group, the Milk Processor Education Program, launched a $1 million initiative to promote chocolate milk, especially in schools (where most flavored milk is sold). The goal of the debate was really to learn about the process of debating, but the students clearly embraced the topic of chocolate milk. First, let’s recognize the chocolate milk controversy for what it really is about: marketing. The debate has a clear purpose: to present the benefits and drawbacks of banning chocolate milk in schools. It is nutritious; chocolate milk is rich in Vitamin D , calcium protein and potassium .the nutrients that are contained in the milk are also included in the chocolate milk, sugar is also contained in the chocolate milk, so when kids take chocolate milk they take all the nutrients in the milk. Fighting on the other side is the milk industry, which runs a campaign describing chocolate milk as a “nutrient-rich beverage option for kids” and released its very own survey results earlier this year showing that 84 percent of parents want chocolate milk served in schools. The Banning Chocolate Milk debate.. Debate Dear Ms. Fox, You recently announced that our school district might stop serving chocolate milk in our cafeterias. The American Heart Association’s Scientific Statement on the role of dietary sugars in cardiovascular health concluded that the form in which added sugars are consumed is an important factor. After the ban, total daily milk sales declined by almost 10%, white milk sales increased by around 160 cartons per day but almost 30% of that white milk was thrown away, and overall school meal participation dropped by about 7%. Chocolate Milk, Orange Juice and the Sugar Debate Reader's Digest Editors Updated: May. I agree its not about 1 carton of chocolate milk in schools - however 70% of all milk consumed in schools is flavored with added sugar. They might also say, I don’t think chocolate milk should be in schools. The optimistic attitude these students exude is the result of adults working together toward the real issue, raising healthy kids. First, let's recognize the chocolate milk controversy for what it really is about: marketing. Some switch to fruit juice. BY SHERRI ACKERMANThe Tampa TribuneTAMPA It's the latest public education controversy to sweep the nation, and it has nothing to do with high-stakes testing or graduation rates.This debate is about chocolate milk, and it's coming soon to a cafeteria near you.This summer, the Los Angeles Public School District banned chocolate milk from its lunchrooms. We all have different opinions. Nov. 16, 2009— -- Chocolate milk has been a staple in school cafeterias for decades. Dr. James Rippe of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute discusses the current debate on banning chocolate milk in schools and also his recent findings from a 24-week study that concluded that it is possible to actually lose weight when consuming added sugars found in flavored milk as part of a healthy diet and when consumed in moderation. Structure. The Controversy Over Banning Chocolate Milk In Schools From www .huffingtonpost .com - January 10, 2013 12:33 PM Flavored milk is not the nutritional equivalent of unflavored milk. But many Structure The debate consists of two short letters: one explains why chocolate milk should be served in schools, and the other explains why chocolate milk should not be served in schools. (WHAM) - Controversy is swirling over a proposal to ban chocolate milk in New York City public schools.
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