As this is usually a favourite opening question with the aim of getting you to relax with something familiar. Help Tips Q: How to copy the circuit diagram from PSpice to MS Word? User can simulate large signal, small signal and noise behavior of the circuit using this simple circuit simulator. It has a negative impact on the performance. Basic Simulation Lab 3. b. While this technique can dramatically reduce the simulation time, it may also give its users a false sense of security regarding the accuracy of the simulation results. The purpose of these simulators is to give the designer a general overview of the design and to experiment with high-level alternatives. Quiz Questions with answer. Rapid prototyping allow designers to study the feasibility of a high level design before actually delving into the tedious, low-level details such as placement and routing. Recruit a friend to practice answering questions 6. 2018/2019 Yes. Simulation is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs or process. Google is currently using recaptcha to source labeled data on storefronts and traffic signs. Updated July 15, 2019. This Linux basic interview questions list covers 60+ important interview questions for freshers and Linux interview questions and answers for experienced candidates to help prepare for the interview. While allocating blocks of memory for a matrix, zeros are pre-allocated to a matrix. MatLab handles naturally simple LaTex encoding which allows introducing greek letters or modifying the font size and appearance in plots. What Is The Need For Simulation? Reply. Instead of manipulating continuous, analog data, logic-level simulators simply process logic values; that is, 0, 1 and X. Replies. DSP is a very important subject for Engineering and Diploma students. Maximum Principal Stress Theory- A material in complex state of stress fails, when the maximum principal stress in it reaches the value of stress at elastic limit in simple tension. Consequently such a simulation system must introduce random behaviour to simulate the duration of each transaction. ... through the questions and prepare well. Question -5: Can Multi-dimensional arrays supported in MATLAB? Answer: A super-mesh exists when an ideal current source appears between two meshes of an electric circuit. LTSpice – is a widely popular SPICE simulator from Linear. The first version is used by engineers, and the second is used by mathematician. What separates discrete-event simulation from continuous simulation is the fact that the events in a discrete-event simulator can occur only during a distinct unit of time during the simulation -- events are not permitted to occur in between time units. Learn more about if, else, else if, basic matlab, beginner As a result, parameters such as the mean and variance. Project Viva Questions and answers from microcontroller: Microcontroller Viva Questions and Answers [1] What are the various criteria to choose the microcontroller? To modify the MatLab Path use the PathTool GUI. During the first stage, referred to as node-extraction, static analysis of the circuit description is performed. Only in this way can they deliver the real-time performance that's required to simulate the behavior of real heavy equipment. CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim math models can run with either 32-bit or 64-bit Matlab/Simulink. other lab viva Here we provide all engineering department of All semesters i.e; 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Lab Viva Questions with answers. Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? Traditionally, simulators are designed using either continuous or discrete-event techniques to simulate a given system. Question 10. 3. Question 21. Many of the problems are related to the computational limitations of existing hardware platforms but are quickly being overcome as more powerful platforms are introduced. VIVA VOCE QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS INTRODUCTION. Full customization of the appearance of graphics and building of complete Graphical user interfaces on is done by low level commands in MATLAB applications. This chapter focuses on the design and operation of a graphical user interface for a digital simulator engine. Also, you can use add path directories from the command line and add the path to rc to write the current path back to ‘pathdef.m.’ In the case if you don’t have permission to write for ‘pathdef.m’ then pathrc can be written into a different file, you can execute from your ‘startup.m.’. Visit Basic simulation jobs interview questions and answers page to prepare well and be strong before attending an interview. Logic level simulators can be subdivided into two further categories, switch-level and gate-level simulators. Evaluation: For each variable you specify discrete values and use sensors as constraints. As they claim its a mixed mode digital/analog circuit simulator with an intuitive user interface, fast simulation and great performance. It is basically a numerical paper but it also consists of some very important theory portions that are required to be studied well as beginners. Additionally, TruckSim supports tandem and tridem axle load sharing as well as dollies to join multiple trailing units. MATLAB Software. Gate-level simulators operate at yet a higher abstraction level. 10 VHDL,Verilog,FPGA interview questions and answers. An M/D/1 has less variability than an M/M/1, hence the mean queue length and response time will be less than that of an M/M/1 for a given utilization. What is Surveying? As a result, circuit-level simulation is usually not feasible for large designs and is therefore commonly used to simulate only the most critical subregions of a given circuit. Discrete event simulation is generally more popular than continuous simulation because it is usually faster while also providing a reasonably accurate approximation of a system's behaviour. Thirdly, simulators can be used as an effective means for teaching or demonstrating concepts to students. 3. Top 30 Data Analyst Interview Questions & Answers Top 50 Data Structures Interview Questions & Answers Top 50 ADO.Net Interview Questions & Answers Top 50 Array Interview Questions ... its very useful for the basic leaners. 250+ Basic Simulation Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is Simulation? Simulation Models : During the design and implementation of a simulator, various techniques and strategies may be adopted to model the behaviour of a given system. sir am abhinay sir show us little information about basic simulation lab viva questions with answers pdf my dad keichi uttered as basic simulation lab viva questions with answers pdf most probaby available here or somebody will help me by adding a reply below,, make a answer on basic simulation lab viva questions with answers pdf Define ohm’s law. Logic-level Simulators :  Logic-level simulators attempt to remedy the computationally intensive nature of circuit-level simulators by raising the level of abstraction to the domain of switches and logic components. ... need os lab viva que with ans. M files: They are just a plain ASCII text that is interpreted at run time. than than of an M/M/1? What Are The Basic Plots And Graphs Of Matlab? Again, there would be one less equation than the number of variables (mesh currents) and hence a constraint equation is needed. It incorporates calculation, visualization, and programming in an easy to use condition where issues and their solutions are communicated in the familiar numerical notation. It is useful to classify the system being simulated into two separate categories depending upon the degree of randomness associated with the behaviour of the system in its simulated environment.
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